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Howard County Public School System

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1 Howard County Public School System
Energy Conservation Howard County Public School System Diane Sweeney CEM, Energy Management Specialist

2 Saving Energy (=)?? Saving the Environment

3 Green Efforts How do we make a difference everyday to continue the green effort? Are you the “green” team members in the journey to conserve natural resources, who will reduce the need for landfills, save energy, reduce pollution, and sustain the environment? It’s really easy to reduce energy at home and at work.

4 Engaging students in applying math, reading, writing, and science skills in a meaningful way that research supports improves achievement Supporting a process that is a natural PDSA fit as a way to help students and teachers understand continuous improvement Showing students that they can make a difference in saving the environment and saving money



7 $384,000





12 USING ENERGY…… ON ONLY when it should be OFF When it should be

13 A Quick Home Energy Check-up
Up to six compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) Two faucet aerators Efficient-flow showerhead Water heater pipe insulation (installed on hot and cold pipes for six feet from water heater) Water heater tank wrap (electric water heaters only) or call SESP (7377) to schedule your Check-up today!

14 Vampire Power Standby Power LEAKING ELECTRICTY

15 Recommended Conservation Measures
Use drapes as blankets for windows. Close shades and/or blinds at night to reduce heat loss through window areas in winter and during the day to keep solar heat out in summer months. Proper air flow is essential to the performance of your heating and cooling.

16 Recommended Conservation Measures
Operate fans in bathrooms or kitchens only when needed. Overhead fans should be used only when a person is in the room ~ makes a person FEEL more comfortable.

17 Recommended Conservation Measures
Turn lights off whenever any area or room is not in use. Reduce lighting, particularly on bright days, by turning off those lights nearest the window walls, if possible. Use a desk/task lamp.

18 Recommended Conservation Measures
Computers should be turned off. The heat the computer generates when left on wears down the computer parts faster than turning the equipment on and off. the monitor if you aren't going to use your PC for more than 20 minutes or both monitor and CPU if more than 2 hours. In Windows XP go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options On a Mac go to System Preferences > Energy Saver

19 Power-Down or Sleep Mode Features
PCs come with a sleep mode feature for the CPU and monitor Consume 15 Watts in sleep mode (around 70% less) Make sure you have the power-down feature set up on your PC through your operating system software. This has to be done by you, otherwise the PC will not power down. Note: Screen savers are not energy savers. Using a screen saver may in fact use more energy than not using one, and the power-down feature may not work if you have a screen saver activated. In fact, modern LCD color monitors do not need screen savers at all.

20 More Energy Less Energy
Ready to be used Sleep /Standby Desktop Laptop Faster processor Slower processor Older processor Newer processor (Pentium, G3/G4/G5) (Core Duo) PC Mac Heavy use Light use (all drives spinning, processor-intensive task) (e.g., , word processing) On the Internet Offline

21 We Welcome Your Questions
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead Audience questions minutes We Welcome Your Questions 21

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