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Saving Energy In Schools Okehampton College - Devon.

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1 Saving Energy In Schools Okehampton College - Devon

2 What is Okehampton College doing to minimise energy losses in energy transformations ? BTEC Level 2 Applied Science Energy and Our Universe Task 4 2

3 Building Management System 3

4 4 Steps Being Taken Ask people to use less energy / be less wasteful. 3,000 efficient lights (T5 conversions) fitted. Increased levels of insulation. More efficient gas boilers fitted Moved radiators about. Installation of renewable energy systems. Smart metering / better diagnostics. Formation of staff/student energy groups.

5 5 People – behaviour change People make the most difference

6 T5 Fluorescent tubes – 3,000 fitted 6 T5 lights produce more light and less heat meaning that less electricity is needed to produce the required light. More efficient – they use 50% less electricity but produce 20% more light than conventional fluorescent tubes.

7 Increased insulation Cavity wall and loft insulation added. This contains trapped air which reduces heat loss. Less energy is then needed to heat the building. 7

8 More efficient boilers More efficient central heating boilers fitted meaning that a higher % of heat gets delivered to the building instead of going up the chimney. Flow temperature compensation – as the building warms up the temperature of the water in the radiators drops. This stops the rooms being overheated which saves gas. Both of these measures result in less gas being burnt so leading to less atmospheric emissions. 8

9 Move Radiators Take radiators out of the hot rooms and put them in the cold rooms. Evens out the heat demand – stops people letting excess heat out of the window. 9

10 Renewable Energy Systems Solar PV & soon wind turbines (small scale). Generation of your own electricity makes you use it more wisely and less fossil fuel energy is needed – an environmental benefit. 10

11 Monitoring what we use… 11 Electricity dashboardElectricity dashboard (Click the link on the left) Gas Logging Zone and Room Monitoring

12 Does it Work…. Annual savings of around £25,000 on electricity already. Within a year additional measures should eliminate the electricity bill. Gas consumption should fall sharply in the next year due to smart metering and more efficient boilers. The energy bill was £120,000 but soon it could be just £30,000 But people using energy wisely makes the most difference. 1 person wasting 1p an hour will waste £100 in a year. 100 people doing this will waste £10,000 in a year. 12

13 Dashboard 13

14 Gas AMR graphs 14To insert presentation title, please go the to slide master

15 Room Monitoring 15

16 Room Level 16

17 17

18 Person 2 metres Our turbine 18 metres hub height Big Turbine 80 metre hub height

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