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CORPORATE PRESENTATION DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL is a 40 year old organization dealing with Human Resource consultancy services & overseas.

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3 DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL is a 40 year old organization dealing with Human Resource consultancy services & overseas recruitment having head office in Mumbai (India) and a strong presence in all the SAARC & GCC countries. We came into existence in the year 1968 in Mumbai India. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL promoted by Mr. ZAINULABIDIN BATEY, one of the emerging & energetic Indian in Middle East. Having an experience of 45 years in Middle East Market and 30 years in DISCOMB has set many milestones to its credit. Today it stands tall with approx 5,00,000 recruits in Middle East, an expansive network in South East Asia & reliable after sales service. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL is one stop shop to shop the non-bracketed body from the entire Indian sub- Continent. Definitely you shall feel at home with DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL, where in, the experience, professionalism & credibility shall be encased. Our Commitment to Higher Quality, Lower Cost and Shorter Schedules has helped us succeed and grow rapidly.

4 In the advent of the information & technology, our system is very much accessible & flexible to retrieve any information just on the finger tips. However our sourcing is very strong & sharper as we strongly believe with the following systems. Updated computerized data-bank. Head hunting & body-shopping. Utilization of Existing & International. Network Advertisement in the Web site. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL has many years of experience, established management systems and qualified personnel to provide a full range of services including industrial construction, Equipment Installation and Operation & maintenance services. Our project management approach begins with strong communication and coordination with the client, and to strict adherence with technical and operational controls. These include established procedures for Site Safety, Quality Control and compliances with specifications. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL provides particularly high end professionals in all the fields its core recruiters being CEOs, top management & IT personnel. However, it doesn't shy away from the principal demand for low ends as well, may be a skilled & unskilled labor or domestic worker. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL with its international network of offices has the ability to quickly identify available resources, wherever they are located. This is why we are able to provide the best matchmaking or tailor-made team.

5 QUALITY We give emphasize upon quality while selecting professional. We undergo various tests for the professional. Table Test Trade Test Interview by the professional in their respective profession.

6 DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL well defined quality policy for technological and managerial process has helped establish the companys credential through quality objective assessment. To ensure the quality we do our home work in the following manner: People who have previous job experience Credential Management Team Use modern technology Reviewing the operation periodically Taking suggestions from the patron Taking the go ahead signal from our in-house quality assurance personnel Commitment to Quality

7 Quality Policy It is our policy to develop and supply products / Services of quality that meet the needs and expectations of our esteemed customers. We have systematically composed QA Systems, plans, manual, specification; work instructions are defined by the Company's personnel to maintain the Client's required level of quality. Relationships with customers have the one and only goal to satisfy their needs and requests, in an environment of co-operation and mutual trust. We shall provide assistance, where required, to our customers to enable them to derive expected benefits from the use of our products / Services. We are committed to the quality of our products / services and the services provided to satisfy the customer.

8 MISSION DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL is continuously striving for synergy between technology & Human Resources to provide services that meet the quality, performance, price aspirations of our principals. While doing so we maintain the highest standards of ethics & social responsibility & constantly develop teams That keep the momentum going to take the Company to excellence in the days to come. We at DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging world. Our fundamental company values enable us to perform our mission in the best way possible. Professional approach Innovation and creativity Win-win cooperation with clients and partners Effective client communication Reliability and Trust Exceed the expectations of our customers. Excellence in attitude and customer support.

9 VISION To be reckoned as the best in the Industry & to become the center for quality employment opportunities. We continuously strive to maintain the pace & technology. We implement it in each spectrum of human recourses i.e.; sourcing, processing, mobilizing & all the end users derive the benefit from our existing but continuous developing system. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL shall be a professionally-managed Global multinational, committed to total client satisfaction and enhancing core value. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL shall be an innovative, entrepreneurial and empowered team constantly creating value and attaining global standards. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL shares a set of three core values excellence, responsibility and leadership with trust. To become customers first choice by focusing organizational energy. On understanding, cost and quality benchmarks. Overall relationship which they expect from a world class supplier

10 Our in-house consultant, with vast experience in the field of HRD & recruitment, chalk our plan & execute recruitment assignment in the most professional & efficient way. Our professional practice & data base in the field of Civil, Management, Structural, Electrical & Instrumentation, environmental, medical, business, information & technology simplify our assignment in sourcing, selection & mobilization. We also realize on a full complement of other professional personnels in selecting & identifying right men per the assignment. METHODOLOGY

11 ACCOUNTABILITY We undertake the guarantee & responsibility of the men recruited by us Replacement within the probation period in case of medically or professionally unfit Replacement without any additional charge on the principal amount. Our strong existence in the middle east itself create the creditability to provide you the esteem after sales & service

12 OUR GOAL Be the place where the best people choose to work - encourage entrepreneurial spirit and reward performance in appropriate, measurable ways. Sustain a climate of financial freedom - allow for responsible risk-taking while continually maintaining fiscal health and profitability. Embrace change, growth, and diversity - seize every opportunity to service our customers better through expanding services, staff culture, market savvy, and geographic development. Establish and grow the Discomb Gulf Travel brand rooted in our core values - create an indelible mark, based on quality, service and integrity, that shines through all aspects of our business

13 OUR STRENGTH Our business model focuses on fostering and open communication with our clients. The company works to the best quality standards and practice in the industry. Our services are based on tried, tested & trusted quality systems.

14 SOURCING After having the requisition from M/S. PRINCIPAL, DISCOMB shall use the following sources to source the most suitable applicants. The provision of recruits shall be in accordance to the job description specification being advised by M/S. PRINCIPAL. Match making from the date base. Head hunting & body shopping shall be activate Advertisement in case above point 1&2, dont pluck the best suitable applicants A. The applicant shall be screened & grilled by the DISCOMB executive for the position. B. The best-matched application with honest comment shall be sent to M/S. PRINCIPAL C. The representatives of M/S. PRINCIPAL to interview the short listed applicants if they desire so. D. DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL shall provide the transportation in the country of interview & shall provide all logistical support i.e.: office space, communication facilities to the interviewing team

15 PROCEDURE Selection of candidates is complete prerogative of the principal. Professionals who are experienced in the respective fields do the initial screening. Preparing checklist. Forming the Selection Committee. Shot listing the candidate Choosing selection Techniques. Preparing Interview Questions Conducting Interview Checking Reference Making the selection We dont interfere in the selection process but in case of not be bend situation between principal & candidate.

16 COMMITMENT We would exhibit commitment in whatever we do – to the institution that we represent our customers & our employees. Our commitment to our business can only be measured by our motto: Together we can make a difference

17 INSURANCE Each deploying candidate, they ll be covered under the following insurance. General Insurance Life Insurance

18 CONSULTANCY FEE DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL is very flexible to both employer and employee as far as it is concerned with fee. Its charge is in commensurate with the company that employs.


20 OPERATION & MAINTENANCE Turnkey operation and maintenance Scheduled and breakdown maintenance Component Repair Manpower supply

21 SERVICE & MANAGEMENT CONTACT We provide a total solution to the manpower need for any specific project: Oil & Gas (Exploration/Production/Refining) Petrochemicals/Fertilizers/Refinery/Chemical Plant Power Generation and Distribution/Power Plant & Sub station Process Related Industries (Cement/paper/ceramic/glass) Mechanical Industries Water and Effluent Purification Electrical & Instrumentation

22 ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Power Engineering Utilities and Environmental Cleaning

23 CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Civil Mechanical Electrical Instrumentation Power Engineering

24 MANPOWER SUPPLY We do provide the manpower need for the categories: Operation & Maintenance Civil / Construction Mechanical / AutoCAD Designers / Planners Piping / Process Instrumentation / Electrical HVAC / Refrigeration Office / Administration / HR Catering

25 HOSPITALITY SERVICES (Catering) We are offering our services to the following area: Construction & Project Sites Industrial Catering, Remote Camps On & Off shore drilling platforms Offshore vessels & Barge Remote Camps

26 WE CATER SEGMENTS LIKE Project management Engineering Construction Pre-commissioning & commissioning of plants Back up services Maintenance Power Generation Safety & Environment Quality Assurance Inspection Petroleum Engineering

27 CUSTOMERS IN K.S.A K.S.A Zaino Contracting Est. K.S.A Al-Nassaban Contracting Co. K.S.A Ajal Bakeries & Sweet K.S.A King Fahad Hospital K.S.A Twaik Est. K.S.A Saleh Ibrahim Al-Saneh & Bro K.S.A Al-Abdul Khaliq Est. K.S.A Al-Sarwat Plastic Factory K.S.A Al-Nassban Contracting Co. K.S.A Gulf Food Factory K.S.A BBC Paint K.S.A Nifa Construction K.S.A Bukhari Resturant K.S.A Eagle International K.S.A Al-Musbah Est K.S.A Country Client K.S.A Fipco K.S.A Technology Touches K.S.A Eastern Lagoon K.S.A Al-Francee K.S.A Al-Qala K.S.A Osama Jubail K.S.A AL-Marzooq K.S.A Barwil Marain. K.S.A ATCO Marine Saad Al-Majid CountryClient

28 CUSTOMERS IN QATAR QATAR Mohd. Bin Hamad Al- Hamran & Son QATAR Al-Obeidy Trading & Contracting Es t. QATAR Hasan Bin Nazar Co. QATAR Belal Trading Store QATAR Al-Batil Trading & General Services COUNTRYCLIENT

29 CUSTOMERS IN U.A.E CountryClients U.A.E Beta Dubai U.A.E Al-Tamy Perfumes U.A.E National Refreshment LLC U.A.E Subway U.A.E Aroma Perfumes LLC U.A.E Juma Al-Majid Est. U.A.E Metro International U.A.E Alumetal U.A.E Akka Metalic U.A.E Qatar Metalic U.A.E Precision Industries U.A.E Dumetal U.A.E Rals Constuction

30 CUSTOMERS IN BAHRAIN CountryClients BAHRAINBahrain Gulf International Institute BAHRAINFaisal Al-Khor Group of Company BAHRAINAwal Marine Services Est. W.L.L


32 GLOBAL PRESENCE INDIA ( Mumbai, Cochin, Chennai, Delhi,Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh) UAE ( Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman ) NEPAL ( Kathmandu, Janakpur ) SAUDI ARABIA ( Dammam, Riyadh ) SRILANKA

33 CONTACT PERSONS Mr. Riyaz Abbas Batey (Managing Director) Discomb Gulf Travel 3 rd Busheri Building, Jail Road, North Cross Lane, Opp:-J.J. Hospital Gate No:-6 Mumbai: Tel: / Fax: Cell: , , URL: Mr. Zainulabidin Batey (Chairman) Discomb Gulf Travel 3 rd Busheri Building,Jail Road, North Cross Lane, Opp:-J.J. Hospital Gate No:-6 Mumbai: Tel: / Fax: Cell: , , URL:

34 CONTACT US DELHI (INDIA) Plot No:- 165, 1 st Floor Sarai Jullena, Opp:-Escort Heart Institute, New Delhi OFFICE IN NEPAL: P.O. Box: , New Baneswar Kathmandu Nepal OFFICE IN SAUDI ARABIA : P.O. Box :- 143, Rahima Rastannura K.S.A DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL (HEAD OFFICE) 3 rd, Busheri Building, 1 st floor Jail Road, North Cross Lane, Opp. J.J. Hospital, Gate No:-6 Mumbai: India Phone: OFFICE IN BAHRAIN: Al-Marzooq Services Real Estate P.O. Box:- 2308,Manama Bahrain OFFICE IN DUBAI: 301, Al-Buteen, Plot o:- 1114, 198. Deira,Dubai. United Arab Emirates. OFFICE IN U.K.(Associate) A1 Travels P58,Wilberforce Road Leicester LE3 OGU U.K. Web:- OFFICE IN U.K.(Associate) A1 Travels P58,Wilberforce Road Leicester LE3 OGU U.K. Web:- OFFICE IN U.K.(Associate) A1 Travels P58,Wilberforce Road Leicester LE3 OGU U.K. Web:- OFFICE IN U.K.(Associate) A1 Travels P58,Wilberforce Road Leicester LE3 OGU U.K. Web:- OFFICE IN DUBAI: 301- Al-Buteen Plot No:- 1114/198 Deira, Dubai U.A.E Web:-



37 From the Desk of Mr. Zainulabidin Batey(Farooq) DISCOMB GULF TRAVEL came into inception with a mission to redefine the human resources. We walked a long miles but with the single point vision to have the best resources having the quality & quantity together. We believe that people make us what we are. We still strive to provide an environment to people that is professional where they could grow personally and professionally with the organization. We in a group represent unity in diversity for the people from different backgrounds and culture with single minded purpose to grow along with others. We also believe in treating each other and our distinguished costumers with dignity i.e. with trust and respect which is in termed followed to us also. We are opened to each other in dealings with our employees with costumers with believe that long term relationship is built with transparency. We are informal, yet disciplined. We do not allow formality to come under the treatment of issues related to our employees and customers. In all our actions as a group and as individuals representing this group we maintain integrity both in financially and professionally. Trust and honesty in our each action of is between us, our customers and our stake holders. We always role on challenges with taking them and completing them in an sufficient way with extreme ability and determination. Our commitment is presently by us in what ever we do to the institution that we present our customers and employees.Each one in my organization takes his own entrepreneurship and ensure us that the work handed over to them is complete with self commitment. At last I would say that we act as one family with Team Work, Loyalty, Integrity, Commitment, Diversity & Dignity to the organization and costumers which differentiate us in the market. Here I remain with a commitment to deliver. Zainulabidin Batey(Farooq) MANAGING DIRECTOR


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