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Adult Workforce & STEM Council at Skillpoint Alliance.

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1 Adult Workforce & STEM Council at Skillpoint Alliance

2 An industry-driven workforce development agency with two divisions: strengthening todays workforce with Adult Training engaging tomorrows workforce with Science, Technology, Engineering & Math We focus on college and career success, delivering programs in: Construction * Electrical * Plumbing * HVAC Computer Training * Health Care * Machinist * STEM

3 Workforce development non-profit founded in 1994 Rapidly trained for semiconductor fab & construction trades Build partnerships with industry, education, and the community

4 We focus on: Project-based STEM Education in Central Texas (K-16) Connecting classroom learning to industry applications Sharing best practices from industry & education Getting students on a STEM career path A consortium of high tech industry executives and education leaders engaged in addressing workforce and education issues.

5 a consortium of industry executives and leaders engaged in addressing the education and workforce development needs in Central Texas.

6 Billy Walker & Brandon Struhall Indicators Statewide 16% of Texas population is 14-25 years old 1 Construction contributes 5.3% of all jobs in Texas 2 Regional & Skillpoint Alliance 39% of participants are 15-24 years old 3 In Central Texas, Construction contributes 9.7% of all jobs 4 1 State Comptroller website: 2 Boston College – Center on Aging & Work: State Perspectives 3 Skillpoint Alliance total participant population 4 Texas Workforce Commission – TRACER website

7 RE-IMAGING THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY TO BETTER ENGAGE OUR YOUTH With the focus of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in High Schools, how can the construction industry better promote the visibility of STEM within the trades? Panel Discussion

8 Construction is STEM What is the current of R 3 in the figure above? Answer: 50mA

9 Creating a Vision for our Youth

10 Casey Smith Senior Director, Adult Workforce Council 512.814.3259

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