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STEMfire Playbook MTBC Professionals Connecting professionals with the classroom to promote STEM careers DRAFT.

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1 STEMfire Playbook MTBC Professionals Connecting professionals with the classroom to promote STEM careers DRAFT

2 What is the MTBC? Started in 1994 and encouraged growth of Dallas/Fort Worth region as one of the largest technology centers in the U.S. Telecom, IT, biomedical, semiconductor and nanotechnology are all represented in the area of Dallas/Fort Worth that has come to be known as the Telecom Corridor. The MTBC is the largest technology trade association in Texas, representing a quarter million employees through its 300 + member companies.

3 MTBC Organization

4 MTBC in a nutshell The MTBC strengthens the North Texas’ technology community by acting as the innovation hub for entrepreneurs, universities and corporations. The MTBC continues to prove that 'Technology lives here' by – growing future tech leaders with its talent and workforce development initiative, – advocating technology's advancement in governmental arenas, and – connecting people and inspiring ideas through its programs and special interest groups. – recognizing leaders and influencers at annual Tech Titans awards gala

5 Raising STEM Awareness is Essential STEM jobs are projected to grow by 17% through 2018 1 –Making it one of the most dynamic industries in the economy – Texas will demand a total of 758,000 jobs by 2018 (22% increase) 1 91% of U.S. STEM jobs will require college or better by 2018 1 – 56% of all jobs in Texas (7.7 Million jobs) 1 will require college or better US ranked 52 nd in quality of math and science 2 –27 th in college students receiving science or engineering degrees – In Texas, only 12% of degrees given are in STEM fields 2 Top-notch skills are vital for the future tech-savvy workforce A public/private partnership in promoting STEM education is the key to success 1 - STEM-Students-STEM-Jobs-Executive-Summary.pdf 2 - MBC STEM Report.pdf

6 MTBC’s STEM Commitment The Metroplex Technology Business Council in partnership with local ISD and higher education institutions are tackling the issue of preparing our kids for meaningful careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and helping to develop and sustain a talent pool that will help our companies innovate and flourish here in North Texas. In a public/private partnership between participating North Texas Independent School Districts (including founding members Frisco, Irving, McKinney, Plano, Richardson and Wylie with the expectation of additional districts participating over time) can connect with industry experts via MTBC to assist them in the classroom and help create a spark to foster a passion for STEM related studies in higher education pointing to great careers post- graduation. MTBC is very pleased to take a leadership role in developing a world class workforce here in North Texas.

7 MTBC Professional Volunteer Roles Presenter Professional shares subject matter expertise & insight in the classroom Advisor Professional provides Project Based Learning insight with educators via real world examples Judging Professional with domain experience engaged to judge at competitive student events Career Coach Experienced professional participates over an extended period of time in providing technical career guidance to students

8 MTBC Professional Volunteer Registration Register on the MTBC STEM web page: Click on STEMfire Access On the STEMfire Landing Page, click to register as a STEM Professional Proceed through the four STEM Professional registration steps Once registered, Professionals can search current volunteer opportunities. If you find something of interest, click to initiate email contact with the requesting educator. STEMfire will automatically attempt to match registered Professionals with Educator posted volunteer opportunities. Educators will initiate contact with matching Volunteers. Volunteers will need to cleared through ISD specific background checks in order to participate in classroom activities. STEMfire, a collaborative effort between MTBC & UT- Dallas, is the pilot system to facilitate volunteer engagement with ISDs

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