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Please Get Ready To Start The Game!

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1 Please Get Ready To Start The Game!
Welcome to Family Feud Please Get Ready To Start The Game!

2 Rules of the Game! We will have two teams; Team 1 goes first All answers to the questions will be given after each question The team with the highest score wins the game! Each Question will be worth 5 points Bonus Round! Each Question is worth 10 points!! Points will be added at the end of the game to announce the winning team!

3 The Subject of Today’s Show is as follows:
The topic of the day will be Early Explorers in Texas We will also have questions on Missions and Settlements!

4 Attention Team 1 Please get your team ready the round is about to start!

5 Question 1 Why did the Aztecs welcome Cortes when he came to Tenochtitlan?

6 Answer to Question 1 They thought he was the god, Quetzalcoatl

7 Question 2 The first Spanish settlement in an area was often what?
A town A pueblo A mission

8 Answer to Question 2 A mission

9 Question 3 Who is known as the Father of the lower Rio Grande Valley for founding towns and missions?

10 Answer to Question 3 Jose’ de Escondon

11 Question 4 What was the first permanent Spanish settlement in Texas?
Corpus Christi de la Ysleta Coahuila La Bahia

12 Answer to Question 4 Corpus Christi de la Ysleta

13 Question 5 (last question for Team 1)
TRUE OR FALSE? Coronado put the Turk to death when they found no treasure

14 Answer to Question 5 TRUE

15 Attention Team 2 Please get your team ready for the questions!
Lets go!

16 Question 1 What did La Salle name the inland region drained by the Mississippi River? Texas Louisiana New Mexico

17 Answer to Question 1 Louisiana

18 Question 2 TRUE OR FALSE? Spain lacked interest in Texas because the conquistadors found no treasure like they had found in Mexico City.

19 Answer to Question 2 TRUE

20 Question 3 In response to the La Salle’s activities, what did the Spanish do? Tried to sign a treaty with the French Attacked the French settlers Shifted their focus to East Texas

21 Answer to Question 3 The Spanish shifted their focus to East Texas

22 Question 4 The Spanish explorers discovered that Cibola was actually what? A Zuni village A desert A rich farmland region

23 Answer to Question 4 A Zuni Village

24 Question 5 (Last question for Team 2)
What was the boundary between French and Spanish settlements in East Texas? The Red River The San Gabriel River Arroyo Hondo

25 Answer to Question 5 Arroyo Hondo

26 Attention Team 1 Please get your team ready for the second round!

27 Question 1 Where did La Salle lead the first European expedition to navigate the Mississippi? Gulf of Mexico Ohio River Missouri River

28 Answer to Question 1 Gulf of Mexico

29 Question 2 When Cabeza de Vaca became shipwrecked, he survived by:
Adopting the ways of the Karankawas Walking to the nearest mission Building a trading post

30 Answer to Question 2 Adopting the ways of the Karankawa

31 Question 3 By 1772, what was the largest Spanish settlement in Texas?
Los Adaes San Antonio Nacodoches

32 Answer to Question 3 San Antonio

33 Question 4 What are people of mixed Spanish and Native American blood called? Ayuntamientos Mestizos Tejanos

34 Answer to Question 4 Mestizos

35 Question 5 (last chance)
Who was Louisiana named for?

36 Answer to Question 5 Louis XIV

37 Team 2: Round Two! Question 1:
What is the mission chapel at Mission San Antonio de Valero known as?

38 Answer to Question 1 THE ALAMO!

39 Question 2 Who was the 1st European to explore the Texas coast?
De Pineda Cortes Marcos

40 Answer to Question 2 De Pineda

41 Question 3 Who was the friar who asked to reopen the Tejas mission?
Damian Massanet Francisco Hidalgo Louis de St. Denis

42 Answer to Question 3 Francisco Hidalgo

43 Question 4 Unlike the Spanish explorers, the French were not interested in Trading with Native Americans Making peace with Native Americans Converting Native Americans to Christianity

44 Answer to Question 4 Converting Native Americans to Christianity

45 Question 5 Which of these is NOT a duty of the Spanish soldiers?
Protecting nearby settlements Growing their own crops Scouting the area for intruders

46 Answer to Question 5 Growing their own crops

47 TEAM 1 : Round Three Now, it’s your turn!

48 Question 1 Which it NOT a reason that missions failed to Christianize the Plains people? The missions lacked adequate water The missions lacked people The missions lacked supplies

49 Answer to Question 1 The missions lacked adequate water

50 Question 2 Who founded the San Jose’ y San Miguel de Aguayo mission?
Jose de Escandon Antonio Margil de Jesus Francisco Hidalgo

51 Answer to Question 2 Antonio Margil de Jesus

52 Question 3 What was the capital of the Aztec Empire?

53 Answer to Question 3 Tenochtitlan

54 Question 4 Who was the governor sent to destroy La Salle’s fort in Texas? Alonso de Leon Marques de Aguayo Damian Massanet

55 Answer to Question 4 Alonso de Leon

56 Question 5 Who was the 1st explorer sent to check on stories of Cibola? Coronado La Salle Marcos

57 Answer to Question 5 Marcos

58 Team 2: Round Three Your chance to catch up!

59 Question 1 What happened when Spanish officials learned of La Salle’s fort in Texas? Sent troops to destroy it Wanted to set up trade with the French Held a feast

60 Answer to Question 1 Sent troops to destroy it

61 Question 2 Who was the leader of the French outpost in Texas? Marcos
La Salle De Pineda

62 Answer to Question 2 La Salle (the only Frenchman in the list!)

63 Question #3 Who was the explorer who searched for Quivera? Coronado
Marcos Hidalgo

64 Answer to Question #3 Coronado

65 Question #4 What was the unofficial capital of Texas in 1722? Goliad
Los Adaes La Bahia

66 Answer to Question #4 Los Adaes

67 Question #5 Where did Columbus establish a colony after his second voyage? Mexico Florida West Indies

68 Answer to Question #5 West Indies

69 Bonus Questions Either team can answer! Answers worth 10 points.

70 Bonus Question #1 Who was appointed to negotiate with Spanish officials on the Rio Grande? Marques de Aguayo Alonso de Leon Louis de St. Denis

71 Answer to Bonus Question #1
Louis de St. Denis

72 Bonus Question #2 Who was the Spanish official ordered to retake East Texas? Marques de Aguayo Francisco Hidalgo Alonso de Leon

73 Answer to Bonus Question #2
Marques de Aguayo

74 Bonus Question #3 Landowners elected a city council called a(n) Alcade
La Bahia Ayuntamiento

75 Answer to Bonus Question #3

76 Thank You !!! If you did well, good job! You will do well on the test! If not, then you will need to STUDY! Thank You for playing the game!!!

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