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PhDr. Jiřina Malastová Základní škola praktická Klášterec nad Ohří Czech Republic.

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1 PhDr. Jiřina Malastová Základní škola praktická Klášterec nad Ohří Czech Republic

2 the capital (Prague) and my hometown (Klášterec nad Ohří) are marked Klášterec nad Ohří

3 About 16 000 inhabitants, near the borders with Germany and near spa city Karlovy Vary. Our town is not only famous for its porcelain, but also for the Evženie Spa, called after local spring with curative mineral water 7 schools: 3 + 1 basic schools, 2 secondary schools – grammar school, school for social and administration work, 1 art school (afterschool activities) castle with a museum of china (porcelain) park with many special trees – cork oaks, ginkgo trees


5 Pupils: about 100 Education programmes: 1.for children with mild level of intellectual disability 2.for children with severe level of intellectual disability 3.for children with hearing impairment 4.School Education Programme – new type, put into practice in 6 classes so far with intellectual disability, physical impairment, one student is deaf (sign lan g uage), development of our pupils is very slow, some pupils master only self- help skills with other person's help

6 All pupils have behaviour problems. Quite often, the parents of these students were pupils and students in our school. About 90 % of our pupils parents receive social benefits regularly and are unemployed. We cooperate with social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, the police, Pedagogical and psychological counselling centres, Special education cent r es etc. About 10 % of our pupils have individual educational plans. Our goals: to prepare all our pupils for practical life in a society, for everyday real life. to motivate the pupils for further education – very difficult, because they don't want to help them not to be dependent only on social benefits to improve the quality of their lives

7 Teachers: 22 hours a week of direct teaching duty + admi ni stration, meetings 10 s pecial educators + the headmaster and her deputy 5 pedagogical assistants – one specializes on helping pupils with their social problems (Romanies, incomplete families, unemployed parents (20 years) Parents with a child with special education needs have two possibilities – 1) to integrate their child into mainstream school or 2) to let him or her attend chosen special school. Compulsory school attendance lasts 9 years, some education programmes are for 10 years (pupils with hearing impairment, child r en with se vere level of intellectual disability ) Staff: : 24 – educators 20, 1 clerk, 2 cleaners, 1 caretaker



10 PhDr. Jiřina Malastová e-mail: Thank you for your attention I would like to invite you all to our school and to the Czech Republic in May 2011 (2nd – 6th May, 2011). The study visit called Inclusion is not an illusion is going to take place there.

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