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In November 2003 Amalthea was established by a group of social workers The main aim, long term, has always been to reduce the number of the Czech republic´s.

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1 In November 2003 Amalthea was established by a group of social workers The main aim, long term, has always been to reduce the number of the Czech republic´s children who live in care. Since January 2004 care has been provided to children and their foster families throught a programme called Fostering Centre.

2 Amalthea´s mission is to support families in the Pardubice region as the unique area for fulfilling children´s needs, with social services and activities and special needs of the children.

3 All Amalthea´s social workers are fully acredited. All have had full training in including special courses in counselling, childcare workshop and supervision. Courses in case management, with invitations to specialist from various area of support, have been organised.

4 Children´s stories, which we meet in our program are sometimes a very sad. Amalthea tries to find the motivation for parents to educate their children. Amalthea helps to children who are living in social institution in return home. Amalthea helps in difficult mission to foster parents.

5 The Fostering centre´s mission is to create conditions to fully develope a system which will satisfy these children´s need. Also to provide service, meetings, assistance, councelling and education in East Bohemia.

6 Target group is: = foster and adoptive family (children and parents) = prospective foster and adoptive parents = professionals and public There were 355 users of fostering centre in 2008. Amalthea assists to family set up and follow individual plans for them and their children

7 Fostering centre services: = counselling (social and economics consultancy, legal aid, psychological support) = assistance to set and follow individual plans for children and families = meeting of foster/adoptive families = visits and assistance for families = education for adoptive/foster parents = leisure activities, summer camps, afternoon meetings,… = information and improvement services = supervision of foster families = proffesional feedback, long term and regular co-operation of specialist provided to families ensuring stable home enviroments

8 A social worker with Amalthea fostering works with Martin on a long term plans. He/she visits the foster family on a regular basis. The aim is to improve the identified areas of requirement. This is being done with in conjunction with a set plan agreed between the social worker and Martin´s foster parents. Hopefully Martin will one day be confident and fully integrated into society. Case note: Martin, 12 years old, Diagnosed as ADHD (Attention deficient hyperactive disorder) Martin was fostered at 8 month old. He was apathetic physicaly and mentally handicapped, he was typical of a child growing up in a social institution.

9 Family support centre Mission is to provide special care and support to parents, and to arrange stable and safe home environments in the Pardubice region. It aims to prevent the separation of children from their birth families and to reunite children in care with their birth parents.

10 Target groups are: = Families at risk of separation causing their child/ children to be placed into a social institution. = Families whose children are already in a social institution There are 20 families (20 adults and 40 children in this situation last year 2008.

11 Services and methods of social care: = counselling (social and economics consultancy, legal aid, psychological support) = to arrange the contact with society and help with setting up claim for users of service = visits to the family by a social worker = assistance to set up and follow individual plans for family and child = support and training regarding the ability to be a parent = household economy = training and consolidation care for the child and fullfilling school´s duty to the child = training and consolidation of social abilities during communication with authorities = arrange psychotherapy

12 Whilst in the children´s home serious health problems were diagnosed which hindered the child´s upbringing. The social workers of Amalthea family support centre visit her household on a regular basis. The relationship between mother and daughter at home will be fully supported, with regular visits. Social workers are teaching the mother economy and assisting in other areas such as education family relationships and childcare. The aim is for the mother to be self supporting and recognise when she needs help when Klarka is eventually returned home. Case note: Klárka, aged 6 years She was separated from her mother (who had herself grown up in a children´s home) for 5 years. Her mother had problems with her child´s upbringing, regarding the provision of care. The mother knew nobody who could assist her with help or advice.

13 20,000 children in the Czech republic are growing up in children´s homes or other similar institutions. This is the highest number in Europe. Financial expences are eight times higher in these institutions than in foster families. No financial or other considerations have been put in place with regard to foster care development in the Czech republic.

14 Amalthea has provided services to 80 families (150 parents and 250children) in the 5 years since it was established. There were 25 foster family meetings. 2253 councels, 180 afternoon´s meetings and 443 visits to families were provided.

15 Your assistance will help our children to lead normal lives. We are asking your company to become a financial partner of Amalthea. Deeds of patronage and contract may will be tax deductable.

16 How can you contribute? Financially support our special programs in 2009 Assistance for long term work with children provided by specialist – psychologist, social workers, lawyer,..etc. 100.000 Assistance for children from foster families to stay at a holiday resort Naděje near Svratouch for 1 week. 30.000 Assistance for leisure time and therapeutic activities for children during afternoon´s meetings (twice monthly) 20.000 Assistance with accomodation and food during foster family weekend meetings. 10.000 Assistance may be required for other support programmes offered by Amalthea. We would like to meet you and introduce, in detail, our services.

17 W W W. A M A L T H E A. P A R D U B I C E. C Z č. ú. 188 243 185/0300 Amalthea o.s., Husova 199, 530 02 Pardubice Martina Pojmonová, director, 776 377 370

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