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Development of inclusion for children with special needs: Ukraine.

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1 Development of inclusion for children with special needs: Ukraine

2 Statistics by PMPC

3 Policy priorities to ensure the right of children with special needs for education Change in public opinion Harmonisation with international standards Free compulsory secondary education Taking into account of individual needs Life long inclusive education Development of personality, talents, freedoms and versatility Training of specialists

4 Promoting new philosophy in society Transforming educational paradigm Responsibility of families for ensuring the right of children with special needs for education and development Role of non-governmental organisations Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices Promoting tolerance

5 Legal framework for inclusive education Constitution of Ukraine 6 laws, 2 presidential orders, 3 resolutions by Cabinet of Ministers State standard of primary secondary education State standard of basic and complete secondary education

6 Measures to enhance inclusive education Law On Amendments to Legislative Acts on General Secondary and Preschool Education» Concept of Developing and Implementing IE Plan for 2009 -2015 Ukraine without Barriers 129,000 children integrated into preschool and general educational institutions New Regulation on Psychological, Medical and Pedagogical Commission Programme on Ukrainian sign language Programmes for 5 th -9 th grades for all kinds of nosology Position of Teachers Assistant

7 Training personnel for work with children in the context of IE 13 universities prepare specialists Professional development courses (19 institutes of postgraduate pedagogical education) Training and Methodological Centre for IE Training courses Basics of IE and Introduction to IE Methodological textbooks Teachers Guide and Parents Guide Training course Individual Assessment in the Context of IE

8 Challenges to providing inclusive education Legal framework for organisational and financial support of IE Scientific and methodological support of educational process Training personnel Ensuring reasonable adaptation Educational and rehabilitation integration Providing modern tools of rehabilitation

9 Interagency integration Coordination of work of ministries, bodies and social institutions in the sphere of IE Social partnership. Socially responsible business

10 Integration of children with special needs into general educational environment Child Family School Authorities NGO Rehabilitation centre Sponsors Institute of teachers professional development

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