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#watitis2013 VMWare View Virtual Desktop Deployment.

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1 #watitis2013 VMWare View Virtual Desktop Deployment

2 TOC Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Concept Why Bother and Why Not? Cost/Benefit Hardware Overview Software Overview Fin/Questions #watitis2013

3 Rough Overview #watitis2013

4 Why VDI? #watitis2013

5 Why VDI pt 2? #watitis2013 Increase in security and compliance BYOD - access from anything, from anywhere, at any time Migrating to Windows 7

6 Why Not? #watitis2013 Peripherals eg. CDs Software Compatibility

7 Capital Costs Amortization Schedule1 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr Yr -1 Cost 10 VDI$5,100$1,750$1,250$1,200 Yr -1 Cost 100 VDI$1,060$400$300$240 Yr -1 Cost 200 VDI$840$330$240$180 Yr -1 Cost M83 SFF$750$250$150$75* #watitis2013 * i3-4130 2C 3.4GHz 4GB RAM 500 GB HDD

8 Workstation vs. VDI Op Ex Savings Number of Deployed VDIPer Unit Savings 10$80 100$210 200$215 #watitis2013

9 Workstation vs P25 Power Savings Savings Condition kWh/yr$/yr*Kg CO 2 /yr** Always Turn Workstation off 851012 Always Leave WS on Savings 2903543 #watitis2013 * $0.12/kWh OPA **

10 E-Waste Reduction WasteWeight kg Lenovo M837.5 P251.3 Waste Reduction6.2 Savings*/Unit$12.40 #watitis2013 * $2000/tonne WRWM

11 Workstation Vs. VDI Cost Comparison WS vs. VDI Costs and Savings* Workstation$185 VDI+Savings$50 #watitis2013 * 5yr amortization 100 unit VDI vs 4yr amortization WS VDI 25% the cost of WS VDI -35% the cost of WS - 10yr 200 unit

12 Hardware – Data Center #watitis2013 NetApp FAS2220 Reliability Dedupe VAAI Flex Cloning Dell R720 12 cores 2.5GHz 196GB RAM APEX 2800 Offload sGPU* 2x4 Gig-E Reliability Gig-E + 10 Gig uplinks 131mpps HP J9148A 2910al

13 Hardware - Client #watitis2013 Wyse P25 iPad/Phone & Android Laptop MTBF 11 years 2x display 4x USB 2 PCoIP (Almost) Stateless Access your desktop anywhere Win/Linux/Mac Local Mode

14 Software - Infrastructure #watitis2013 Single Application Deployment Reduce images View Administrator Manages VDI Pools Manual Linked Clones Recomposition View Composer Manages Linked Clones in conjunction with View Administrator

15 Infrastructure #watitis2013

16 Software – Client #watitis2013 View Agent PCoIP/RDP PC over IP Full frame rate streaming AV End to end encryption Access anywhere (almost) any device Client Server Protocol

17 Image Deployment 1.Deploy Win7 from template* 2.Install VMTools and View Agent 3.Optimize for VDI deployment 4.Install image applications and all updates 5.Optimize and shutdown 6.Take a snapshot 7.Create pool, test, deploy #watitis2013

18 Image Update 1.Update image applications and OS 2.Optimize and shutdown 3.Take a snapshot 4.Test and recompose pools #watitis2013

19 Performance #watitis2013 Knowledge Worker

20 Conclusion Much lower desktop costs through Op Ex –75% to over 100% cheaper than WS High performance Highly accessible #watitis2013

21 Thanks to #watitis2013

22 Want to Lear More? #watitis2013 Dec. 10 Wildcraft 11:30-1p Dell Tablet Prize

23 Questions? #watitis2013

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