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Virtual Server Presented by Mohammad Pourzaferany.

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1 Virtual Server Presented by Mohammad Pourzaferany

2 The Project objects Power saving server environment Server resource utilization

3 Virtual Server d

4 Virtual Networking implementation


6 Select a virtualization platform - In no particular order, Microsoft, XenSource(Citrix), VMWare are among the most popular choices. Microsofts Hyper-V VMWare XenSource(Citrix)XenSource Xen (Open Source)Xen



9 Guest system –fully virtualized para virtualized »OS : Linux, Plan9, OpenSolaris »hypervisor:Xen,Virtuozzo,Vserver,OpenVZ hybrid kernel-based virtual machine Cloud server

10 Electricity power calculation A fluorescent light power consumption 30 – 40 W

11 Electricity power calculation General desktop/servers power consumption CPU : 100W RAM : 8W Graphic card : 30W Mother board : 20W CD-ROM : 20W HDD : 13W Monitor : 40W ------------------------------------------------------------------- Total = 230W

12 Electricity power calculation General server power consumption (per day) 230W x 24(hours) = 5,520 Wh = 5.5 KWh 5.5kWh $ ?

13 Electricity power calculation A fluorescent light power consumption 30 – 40 W 230W / 35W 6.5 =

14 Power consumption comparison VS 5 Physical Virtual Server servers

15 Power consumption comparison 230W x 5 x 24h = 27.6kwh + a 230W x 24h = 5.5kwh + a

16 Virtual Server Advantages Power saving over multiple physical servers Simplify system administration by integrating all servers into one physical machine Server hardware resource optimization

17 Virtual Server disadvantages When host server machine crash, all virtual servers embedded in the server crash too.

18 Key areas of benefit of server virtualization: Resource utilisation is increased Cost of ownership is dramatically reduced Management is simplified and burden reduced Availability is increased. Deployment and development timescales and reduced dramatically Return on investment is increased

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