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1 Making the Desktop Dynamic. 2 What does RES do? »IT as a Service & Automation »Context Aware Security »Dynamic Desktop Delivery »Follow-me Secure Data.

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1 1 Making the Desktop Dynamic

2 2 What does RES do? »IT as a Service & Automation »Context Aware Security »Dynamic Desktop Delivery »Follow-me Secure Data »BYOD Enablement and Enhancing User Experience 2

3 3 End Users Productivity (needs & wants) IT Organization Efficiency (security & costs) IT Today

4 4 IT Organization End Users Delivery of IT Resources Services Available from IT Windows Desktop Delivering IT as a Service

5 5 One Size does not fit all

6 6 Client virtualization does not replace physical PCs, but instead adds significant infrastructure and costs, creating a hybrid environment of both physical virtual desktops.… traditional datacenter or PC- centric approaches break down. - David K Johnson, Forrester, 2012 VDI App-V RDS Environments Have Become too Complex for Traditional Management

7 7 The Everywhere Employee Cisco Study 95% of Organizations allow employee owned devices 40% Employees cite Device Choice as an important benefit 44% Knowledge Workers who commute > 1 Day a week $600 Average Premium Cisco Employees were willing to pay for their own device $2500 Amount Telecommuting Saves per employee Annually $300-$1300 Estimated benefit from The Everywhere Employee 7

8 8 The Anywhere Employee with RES Hybrid use of different Technologies –Devices Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Kiosks, etc –Context Aware Security and Services Device + Location + User + Time + Configuration = Access Flexibility and Access = Success = Productivity Not Everything should access All Things When IT says No = Users Self Help IT 8

9 9 IT Consumerization: Data Challenge 99 ? ?

10 10 Business Consumer Simplicity & Flexibility Dropbox Microsoft SharePoint Security SugarSync Syncplicity Zumodrive On Premises File Server ShareFile* * Off premises / cloud offering Box.NET*

11 11 RES HyperDrive iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry

12 12 RES VDX 12

13 13 RES VDX Merging Local with Remote –Local Horsepower –Merged consumer and corporate experience –Security isolation 13

14 14 Applications Data Printer Settings Applications Data Printer Settings Identity Location Device Time Identity Location Device Time Dynamic Workspace Applications Data Device Network Applications Data Device Network Workspace Composer User Context Automation The Dynamic Desktop

15 15 Desktop deployment The Race to a bad experience

16 16 Common Problems in Shared environments Corruption as users switch between V1 and V2 Profiles Portability of important settings across multiple servers Lack of awareness of connecting device and appropriate settings Merging of Consumer apps with published secure environment Data Synchronization from Corporate Desktop / Laptop to shared hosted environment and even to consumer devices Disk bloat due to user uniqueness X # of users Conflicting configurations of an application Multiple Master Templates to accommodate different user types License tracking and compliance Persistent Images due to user uniqueness requirements Administrative rights Saving to non persistent locations and losing data / productivity 16

17 17 Policy & Profiles 17 Group Policy User Settings User Profile and settings

18 18 DEMO 18

19 19 $0 19 The Ultimate First Step in any Desktop Project - Ben Gray, Forrester Microsoft Windows Azure cloud-based desktop analysis service. Lightweight, easy to deploy, agentless with no backend configuration. Zero footprint capabilities. The first step in desktop transformation initiatives: o App Virtualization Readiness o Major Hardware and OS Upgrades o Citrix XenApp and other TS Rollouts o VDI Deployments

20 20 RES Worspace Manager Composition & Personalization --- Advanced Administration --- Security & Performance Discover & Analyze Manage & Secure User Workspaces Automate IT Services RES Virtual Desktop Extender RES HyperDrive RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer RES Software Strategic Partners RES Automation Manager Task Automation --- Resource Provisioning --- Service Orchestration Enabling the Dynamic Desktop Vision

21 21 Key partnerships RES Software At-A-Glance Founded: 1999 Headquarters: Amsterdam (Netherlands) Philadelphia (US) Global Offices: London (UK), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), Munich (Germany) and 5 locations in the US Boston, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia (CLEAN UP) Products: RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer, RES Workspace Manager, RES Virtual Desktop Extender, RES Automation Manager, RES HyperDrive Innovation: 10 Patents and RES Labs Customer Base: over 2,500 customers and 3,500 deployments in 27 countries, with annual renewals at more than 95% Key Partnerships Selected Customers

22 22 Thank you! Questions? 22

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