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Niagara Colleges Success Stories (tied to the use of Dell Services) John Levay Director, ITS Niagara College.

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1 Niagara Colleges Success Stories (tied to the use of Dell Services) John Levay Director, ITS Niagara College

2 Agenda Background Issues and Drivers at College last 4 years Strategies to capitalize on Dell Engagements Future Recommendations Questions

3 Background Approx. 9000 FT, 15,000 PT students – Everything from extreme computing literacy to whats a mouse?) 2 main campuses and 2 satellite sites in Niagara Region of Ontario Ontario Government KPI - Number One in Student Satisfaction for the last 6 out of 7 years My claim to fame – organized and hosted first CANHEIT (2003) at Brock University

4 Issues and Drivers Storage all over the place – 2007-08 – Old EMC SAN needing renewal – Individual servers – Desktops/laptops etc Backup - 2008 – eVault – Out of space 5 TB X 2 Renewal of 70 centralized servers across 4 years Peoplesoft servers renewal for upgrade - 2009 Continued expansion due to growth 07-012

5 Issues and Drivers … cont Desktop and Lab renewal and deployment getting expensive Not really using wireless other than in hallways ($400k+ investment over 4 years) 2011 Microsoft licensing changes (Office 2010@home) 5 PBXs needing upgrades 2012 Groupwise and everyone new hires wanting Exchange/Outlook 2012

6 Strategies at the College (We could capitalize on) Greening in the College Strategic Plan – Green is good! Moving to mobily enhanced teaching – Reduce dedicated labs – helps scheduling, renewal, access, etc – Allow access to academic software on wireless in classroom (enhanced teaching) and from outside the College (where applicable) – Dont want to increase laptop programs – maybe even eliminate them – move to BYOD if possible Renewal is a capital cost – some staff renewal – some covered in operating – Labs, Servers, Network – general pool – ask each year with academic requirements – CERF – no yearly budget for central servers – except PeopleSoft which gets renewed every 4-5 years from yearly reserve

7 Strategies at the College (We could capitalize on) … cont We are/were growing ourselves out of a deficit (more of the same is still more!) Save operational $ on maintenance contracts Expand functionality for users – Anywhere/anytime for students – More requirements from faculty for access to software and storage from off campus/wireless – many faculty with desktops only (their choice) – No additional resources available of course – but still do it!

8 First Engagement Engaged Dell Professional Services Storage assessment – details follow – Direction wanted to go iSCSI – 1 Gb first then 10Gb – File simplification assessment – Look at rate of growth over 3 months but first report over 4 weeks Virtualization assessment Flex computing assessment came with virtualization assessment – thin app

9 Results - Storage SOW -Limited to no more than 3 Operating systems, 65 servers, 1 storage array, and 25 TB Storage. Capacity and vaults to be analyzed located in two sites SAN 76% full DAS – 51% over 60 servers 12 file system over 90% full including eVault 46% of files 180 days or older Study is herehere

10 Results - Virtualization Data Collection for 30 days on 60 servers 10 (ish) others identified as stand alone – example PeopleSoft database server (which we later virtualized) 56 servers into 6 blades (WOW!) – then we grew more 670MBTUs of cooling down to 109MBTU 294,336 KWhs down to 47,304 KWhs VMWare efficiency web page and Green Calculator from VMWare VMWare efficiency web page Green Calculator from VMWare Study results herehere

11 Projects for Storage and Server Virtualization Storage – 10K rpm (4.2 TB usable) email, some datawarehouse, file services – 7.2K rpm (18.2TB usable) all other storage and eVault backup – 2x7.2K rpm (36TB usable) replicated off site (other campus) for data storage and near line archive – Change eVault backup processes (ugly) – Have #s on efficiency but not with me

12 Projects … cont Virtualization – VMWare training for College staff – Started with some academic servers once storage is in place – Migrate other servers over as time permits and EOL occurs – Virtualized PeopleSoft environment pre 9.1 Upgrade – Virtualized all SQL Database onto one quad core blade with eye to cluster if we ever get money Started playing with thin apping applications for home/wireless access – more later!

13 Second Engagement Looked at remote desktop project – Staff – 100 desktops – 1000 remote desktops – Office + academic software Engaged Dell Services to size and install VDI via train the trainer Hardware and software purchased and installed Small hiccup in configuration fixed quickly and for free

14 VDI Project and Results Remote Desktop Computing – Access for faculty and staff to Office 2010 and Windows 7 at home as well as all files – about 100 remote desktops – Access from wireless to academic software – and access in classrooms without infrastructure for students – more flexibility – PC (access for all regardless of OS), MAC, Linux – iTouch, iPad access – kind of cool! Android also – Thin provisioning for 2 new pharmacy labs - funny story … – Thin client and apps provisioning for one of the open access labs – this year – started and gathering results – Looking to move desk bound staff to flex computing – less renewal at the desktop level

15 VDI Project and Results Students love the access but only seeing about 250 concurrent ITS staff like it for secure backend access Faculty and staff using it with new iPads – Staff actually used system more than anyone I love the access – all files, email, storage in one place

16 Third Engagement Groupwise to Exchange conversion – Came out of requirement to consolidate 5 PBXs into 2 and move to unified communications 2 week engagement – 3 days on site Produced assessment containing – Hardware and software requirements/licenses – Training requirements – Costs – What to do and what to watch out for

17 Future Current future Evaluating thin client desktops and continued thin apping – Greatest success with thin apping Little worried about video on VDI – testing Want to get rid of laptop program – tested AutoCAD but want academics to really test it and Solid Works – possible move to BYOD as replacement Continue to migrate to more VDI as well as virtualizing servers where possible PeopleSoft Upgrade complete Nov 2012 and virtualized

18 Future Next 2 years Large document management project (storage) Implementing first phases of ITIL for our service desk – becoming bottleneck as we grow PMO and IT steering committee Supporting research more – now 5% of budget

19 Recommendations and things I wouldnt do again! Dell Services have really helped – At College - not enough staff, product access or time to conduct required storage and virtualization audits – Dell - Expertise in training as well as train the trainer – Could not have moved forward as fast without additional help – just not enough staff or time – 3 rd domain of knowledge – dont know what you dont know you dont know

20 Recommendations and things I wouldnt do again! 1000 desktops was overkill – for now Would not try to train too many people at once – need to be more focused! Was very hesitant at first to look at Dell for Service engagements – very new to the market – When Dell enters the market they do it in a big way – excellent resources and expertise – Great experience for us – reference site and case study for VDI ( 10009714.pdf.aspx)case study for VDI – No real savings after VMWare licenses – better functionality and support (VMotion) Cut/paste only not drag drop – where are you?

21 Questions?

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