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Continuity and Chang-Over-Time Essay

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1 Continuity and Chang-Over-Time Essay
Asks what has changed and what has not. You must be as detailed as possible…you need to know history. Include a definite time span for analysis. You need to know the main structural periods for the course: 8000BCE -600CE, 600CE – 1450CE, 1450CE- 1750CE, 1750CE – 1914CE, 1914CE – Present Sketch a quick time line, and fill in some notes about what happened. Think about major events that represent changes from what happened before…also think about what has not changed.

2 Continuity and Chang-Over-Time Essay
Read the question. Underline the important parts. Understand the terms used: Social structure…(gender, social classes, family patterns) Political structure…(government) Economic Structure…(trade, economic systems)

3 Continuity and Chang-Over-Time Essay
Continuity refers to those aspects that remained the same during the entire stretch of the time period. In this way, it is the opposite of the word change. Your goal should be to meet all of the core points!

4 Core Point Scoring 7+2 Total and Expanded points Points Task 1
Has acceptable thesis 2 Addresses all parts of the question (1) (Addresses most parts of the question) Substantiates thesis with appropriate historical evidence (Partially substantiates thesis with appropriate historical evidence Uses global historical context effectively to explain change over time and/or continuity Analyzes the process of change overtime and/or continuity 7+2 Total and Expanded points

5 Do you have a thesis? Do not simply restate the question; you must state the specifics about change and continuity. A strong thesis will deal both with what changed and what stayed the same. What does not work… There are many ways the Atlantic world changed between 1450 to 1850 and many ways that stayed the same….UGGGGGG!!!! It fails on two accounts; it mentions nether social, political, economic structures nor continuities.

6 A Successful thesis? Three aspects of (social, political, economics) changed dramatically in the (Atlantic World) between ( ): …list your specific changes as they relate to the question. An important continuity would be….. The continuities mentioned in the essay must apply for the whole period. If the question asked “analyze the changes and continuities in social and political structure,” then you would need to address both items to receive the full 2 points.

7 CCOT Essay A paragraph on the (social, political, and economic) structure in the Atlantic World in 1450… would be a good starting point A paragraph near the end of the essay about the situation in the Atlantic world in 1850 would be a good balance for the whole essay. A strong essay must have facts to support your thesis. They must relate or deal with to the original question. Your first example will be used, however, incorrect facts will not be used against you.

8 Did you discuss the Global Context of the Changes and Continuities?
At some point during your essay, you must “think big” (global trade, technology, culture, social systems, and migrations…) The global context point can be earned by showing: Comparisons to other regions Connections to global process Interactions among regions A simple statement is all that is required to earn this basic core point

9 Did you analyze the changes over time and the continuities?
Analysis means asking WHY the changes and continuities occurred. Think about WHY some conditions changed and WHY others stayed the same. Since analysis asks WHY, your essay should include the word BECAUSE…”This is significant because….” “This changed over time because….”

10 How to earn 2 Additional points…
A clear and analytical thesis An abundance of evidence Particularly sophisticated connections to global processes Clear chronology with the use of dates associated with events Links to a rich variety of events, ideas, and trends Deep and even coverage of all parts of the question A thorough discussion of continuity in addition to change

11 Final Notes on How to Write a CCOT
Read the question several times so that you understand the task required Draw a time line in order to organize your thoughts Write a thesis statement that uses the terms of the question while providing analysis Describe in a paragraph the situation at the starting point of the time span Focus on continuities, not just changes Make sure the continuities cover the entire time span of the question Bring in a discussion of the big picture context of these changes through global processes Mention facts…remember, content is king

12 Final Notes on How to Write a CCOT
Don’t… Discuss events that are not related to the question Include long sections of material outside the time span of the question Focus only on changes and not continuities Include continuities that apply only to one part of the time span

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