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Strategic Approach to Implementation Marianne Groth Learning: Re-Imagined.

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1 Strategic Approach to Implementation Marianne Groth Learning: Re-Imagined

2 Introduction Marianne Groth Verizon Wireless Workforce Development Program Manager Global LT Michigan Virtual University SmartForce (acquired by SkillSoft) Compuware Corporation

3 Presentation Goals Share my case study Share lessons learned Start thoughts Provide tools for application Learn more about you and build upon our support network Have fun

4 The Challenge Integrate SkillSoft online courses and Books 24x7 into our internal LMS (PeopleSoft ELM/VZ Learn) and launch to 70,000 employees (after Alltel acquisition 85,000) Increase number of courses from ~600 to ~3,200 Link to the Books 24x7 site seamlessly Setup 100 industry certification program paths Expand entire SkillSoft Program to all employees

5 Driving Factors (Learning Re-Imagined) Consistency Integrate with the one LMS for all learning for VZW employees Provide one authoritative source for learning history Develop one process to follow for training requests Streamline Negate the need for several login IDs Utilize the PeopleSoft HR information for course assignments, security, etc. Reduce Costs Eliminate partner hosted sites Reduce need to support several systems and applications

6 Building the Right Team Project Sponsor Vested interest - $ Program Champion Project Manager Workforce Development LMS Integrators Content Authentication (SSO for Books 24x7) Testers Integration Testers Content Bookmarking and Completion Testers IT Help Desk Security Desktop Support/Standards SkillSoft Account Manager Learning Consultant Technical Engineer Migration/integration Expert Customer Support/Help Desk

7 Managing Project Phases Pre-migration planning Planning Deployment and technical planning Pre-testing Testing Content server deployment Marketing communication Post deployment * Project template available with the presentation

8 Communicating the Change Pre-launch Email to students in progress to complete courses Road show to all HR representatives in the field Presentation for Workforce Development Email to all managers Announcement Article on the About You intranet site Articles in the newsletters that are sent out to departments

9 Learning Lessons Understand that this is a lot of work and commitment Ensure you know your IT processes and timelines Meet regularly as a team for updates Ask questions often Stretch SkillSoft and have high expectations Understand you are sacrificing some of the resources/functionality from SkillSoft

10 Measuring Success On-time program launch (approximately three months from signature of contract) Trend toward 100% utilization Level 1 feedback (survey approximately 10%) Level 3 feedback (survey approximately 10%) Success stories for certifications My sanity

11 2008 Statistics Course enrollments = 32,435 Books subscriptions = 6,253 Industry certification program enrollments = thousands * 2008 Year End Review

12 Moving Forward Continue to map courses to curriculum paths based on job roles Suggest books to read to supplement our instructor-led courses Continue book clubs Continue to market Anticipate OLSA enhancements Update the catalog quarterly for new updates Hold on for the wild ride

13 Closing Thoughts Thank you #PER09 Marianne Groth’s presentation rocked! We are not that different We are all in a similar boat Utilize the new network contacts you met at this conference

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