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Management Information Systems 2007 Understanding a Systems Approach to Sound Fiscal Management.

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2 Management Information Systems 2007 Understanding a Systems Approach to Sound Fiscal Management

3 Management Information Systems Agenda Introduction High-Level Overview of CYS Systems –COPA –CCMIS –IMEDGE Best Practices Unisys Q&A

4 Management Information Systems Management Information Systems (MIS): A system for managing and processing information, usually computer-based. Also, a functional group within a business that manages the development and operation of the business information systems.

5 Management Information Systems CYS Application Software Systems Multiple Systems to Manage Programs I.Child Outcome Planning & Administration (COPA) The Department of Children and Youth Services’ primary tool for capturing client-level data for Head Start and Early Head Start Programming II.Child Care Management Information System (CCMIS) Childcare eligibility and vouchering system for CYS delegate agencies III.IMEDGE Electronic Document Management System

6 Management Information Systems Statistics: Over 65 Agencies Over 200 Sites Serving 16,518 Head Start Children Serving 575 Early Head Start Children

7 Management Information Systems Features: Web-Based System Captures Enrollment Data Daily Attendance/Meal Counts Varying Levels of Access Maintains All Client-Level Data Health and Developmental Social Services

8 Management Information Systems Functionality: Enrollment Attendance Reporting Human Resources Monitoring

9 Future COPA Billings Module Attendance and Tiered Reimbursement Based Attendance for School Age Attendance for Extended Program Pre-Month Preview First of Month Availability Automated Co-Payment Calculator Exception Reports Electronic Signature

10 Future COPA HR & Monitoring Modules COPA new Human Resource and Monitoring sections utilize performance standards to collect, process, and report data on individual Agency and Grantee. The results are analyzed to improve program quality and performance.

11 COPA HR Module COPA's new HR section, provides functionality and tools to manage staff data for individual delegate agency. Personal Portfolio Setup and Performance Evaluation A HR staff will be able to manage staff data including staff personal information, employment history, medical, credentials and absence records, and evaluate staff performance.

12 COPA HR Module Training Setup and Approval A HR manager will be able to setup staff trainings and approve or disapprove training requests. Once a staff is approved to attend a particular training, their status will be marked as "Approved" for that particular training. After attending the training, the staff has to fill out the training completion course.

13 COPA Monitoring Module COPA's new Monitoring section provides functionality and tools to track site visits, conduct, follow-up and support audits for the Grantee. Site Visit Setup and Monitoring –Auditor will be able to conduct annual fact-based program and fiscal audits on each Head Start, Early Head Start and Child Care delegate agency. –Audit manager will be able to use evidence and facts to document potential areas of compliance and noncompliance based on the program and fiscal requirements of Head Start performance Standards, the Illinois Day Care Licensing Standards and CYS’ policies and procedures.

14 COPA Monitoring Module Monitoring Follow-Up and Technical Support Children Services Unit will be able to prepare action plan, support, and follow up the action for delegate agency after receiving the findings from the audit reports to ensure delegate agency compliance with program and fiscal requirements.

15 Management Information Systems Statistics: Over 2500 billings since July 2006 Over $252 million child care subsidized funds from IDHS and DCFS since 2002

16 Management Information Systems Features / Functionalities: Web Based Current Billings Previous Billings Supplemental Billings Batch System Change Password Download Forms

17 How These Systems Come Together? Step 1 Delegate Agency produces 3455 from COPA Form 3455

18 How These Systems Come Together? Step 2 Delegate Agency scans 3455 to IMEDGE Form 3455

19 How These Systems Come Together? Step 3 CYS retrieves 3455 from IMEDGE Form 3455

20 How These Systems Come Together? Step 4 CYS verifies 3455 to IPACS Form 3455

21 How These Systems Come Together? Step 5 CYS enters approved 3455 to CCMIS Form 3455


23 The purpose of IMEDGE: Management Information Systems

24 Features: Scanning Managing Workflow Tool Increased Accountability Real-Time Application Status


26 To get started: 1.Gather the documents to scan into the child’s folder SIGNED 3455 printed from COPA Birth Certificate 2 Paycheck stubs HSEV Management Information Systems


28 Be sure to include the Child ID and Family ID

29 Route the cases to either Director Review or Clerk Review or Special Clerk Review Check the status of the cases and follow up, if necessary when case is not finalized by Approval, i.e. Rejected or Denied IMEDGE SUMMARY 1. 2. 3. Scan Documents into Case Folder Management Information Systems

30 Future Features Delete capability for agencies Timeout extended Workflow limit increased to 500 ‘Tokenize’ is replaced with ‘To Workflow’ Folder View columns are changed to include Agency Name

31 Check Updates Weekly (IPACS Update) on COPA Home Page:

32 Management Information Systems BEST PRACTICES Where can we practice Best Practices? Continuing Education and Training Online help tools Regular System Training Communication with CYS Submit Feedback Help Desk/Support Clearly State your issue Ask for a name! Systems Work systems are for work only Avoid Identity Theft Use of Removable Drives to save data Delete Cookies regularly

33 Management Information Systems Unisys & Help Desk for the Delegate Agencies Sites Survey Phase –CYS will publish a sites visit schedule to all agencies –Agency and CYS will provide one source for contact at the Agency –CYS MIS will provide one resource and process for any escalation during site surveys –CYS MIS Approval before dispatch is required –CYS MIS will supply a department liaison Design Phase –CYS MIS will work with Unisys to develop work flows and Scripts –CYS MIS and Unisys will develop Process Flow and User Communications –CYS MIS and Unisys will develop Escalation Process –CYS and Unisys will develop reports and reporting process

34 Management Information Systems Unisys & Help Desk for the Delegate Agencies Implementation Phase –One number to Call –CYS and Unisys are not responsible for network connectivity –Time and Material Contract –Deploy processes and tools –Reports Acceptance Phase –CYS and Agencies Test Period –CYS and Agencies review and make changes period Go-Live by June 4 th, 2007

35 Q & A Thank You EMAIL US with Questions at or call us 1-866-647-2489

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