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Online Matching System (OMS). IMPORTANT - What is OMS OMS is simply a tool to help in the search of potential matching candidates. Just because you are.

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1 Online Matching System (OMS)

2 IMPORTANT - What is OMS OMS is simply a tool to help in the search of potential matching candidates. Just because you are using OMS does not mean that you do not have to fill out the paperwork required by the BFD of your specific country. However, information from OMS can easily be copied and pasted into the word documents necessary for your paper application.

3 OMS will NOT: replace the BFDs authority or process qualify applicants to become candidates make the rules about who qualifies and who does not. keep track of all applicants who desire to become a blessed couple in a single online application with information easily retrievable by advisors and BFD staff. continue to improve this online application according to the directives of the BFDs and the needs of users. OMS will:

4 Type of candidates I.1 st generation II.Jacob generation III.Associate members 1.Ambassadors for Peace 2.ACLC ministers 3.Others…

5 Who will use OMS At this time we have 4 types of users: 1.The applicant/candidate 2.The sponsor 3.The matching advisor 4.The admin staff Applicants are allowed and able to enter and control their information and their pictures Note to BFD staff and advisors: Please allow applicants to access the OMS and enter their own information. Just because they can access the OMS does not mean they can access potential candidates. So, please, allow candidates to enter their own information.

6 Matching Advisors are able to view all candidates and applicants. Candidates are able to search for their own spouse however they can only access the limited profile of another candidate. Sponsors (also called advocates) will be able to search for potential matches for the candidates they sponsor.

7 How it works 1. Registration by applicant 2. Up to 24 hours wait for applicant to be approved 3. After confirmation of registration the applicant will be able to enter all of his or her information 4. Applicant will list his or her pastor, and choose a sponsor from a pull down menu or add a new sponsor. 5. Sponsors should verify the information and possibly give guidance, especially on the questions that require a paragraph or two.

8 6. It is important that Matching Advisor access OMS on a regular basis (Once a week minimum) to check whom has recently registered in OMS from their region. 7. Please NOTE that no email are sent from OMS to let MA know that new people have registered. 8. It will be up to the applicant and the advisor to pursue all paper work necessary in order for the applicant to become a candidate. 9. The status promotion from applicant to candidate will be made upon a written request (email) from the matching advisor to the OMS staff.

9 Limited profile versus Full profile Limited Profile A limited profile DOES NOT identify the individual. A limited profile does not give pictures, email address, physical address, phone # and other identifiable information A limited profile does not even give the name of the pastor, sponsor, or advisor of the individual. A limited profile gives information about: Race, age, education, and work Previous marriages and/or blessings Children Health And answers to all the Essay questions Through a limited profile, if it is well written, an individual should have a pretty good idea of the kind of person that has written the profile and therefore can make an educated decision whether or not they would like to pursue knowing this person or not. That is the purpose of the limited profile. Full Profile Will provide all information that has been posted on OMS.

10 E-MAILS / newsletter 1. A newsletter is sent on a regular basis to every one who is registered in OMS. This email serves as a reminder of their presence in OMS. It also helps in keeping the database up to date with no obsolete records and email addresses. 2. OMS staff is available 24/7 by email. Email are responded to within a max of 12 hours (usually much less) 3. Most questions are already answered via the various tutorials, however, your questions allow OMS to understand if a tutorial is well written or not.

11 Checklist to qualified as an applicant 1. You must be legally single and at least 20 years of age. 2. You have participated in the 7-Day Divine Principle education or its equivalent with the intention to study further (21 days workshop content or 40 days workshop content) 3. You affirm the existence of God as revealed by the Divine Principle and respect True Parents and their messianic mission. 4. You have been an active member of the UC for at least one year as indicated by regular attendance to Sunday Service and other UC and/or UC affiliated functions. 5. You have been sexually abstinent for at least one year as verified by your sponsor or the local UC leader, and as stated on the Confession form. 6. You regularly tithe and make financial contributions. 7. You have demonstrated good character and possess basic social skills 8. You have completed basic Blessing education (Level 1), with additional guidance from a mentor (spiritual parent, UC leader, elder Blessed couple, etc.) if possible. 9. You are connected to the Unification community. 10. You are ready to fill out the forms and to be interviewed.

12 Document list required by BFM-USA The Application form (3 pages) completed and signed. Letter of support by your Sponsor Letter of support by your local UC leader Interview and Confession form (3 pages) completed and signed Two 8X10 photos: one head and shoulders, and another full body (head to feet). Proof of age (eg. copy of driver’s license, birth certificate, passport) Health Report form A Medical Exam Form with physician or clinic signature Copy of AIDS and STD tests Level 2 Blessing Workshop Certificate (must have attended within the previous 2 years) Proof of Nationality (copy of passport or driver’s license) If applicable, legal divorce papers 7- Day Fast Condition (must be completed prior to the Blessing) Blessing Donation Fee Payment form (payment must be completed prior to the Blessing) Signature of Approval below, once all documents have been reviewed

13 Q & A Why do we have to fill out an online application (such as OMS) and a paper application? This question has been asked of me several times and I would like to answer it here. OMS is simply a tool that can help candidates and MA to search for potential candidates. OMS does not replace the paper application that you must fill out. However, some information is similar and therefore an applicant should be able to copy and paste from OMS to paper application or vice versa quite easily. Each country has their paperwork and requirements. Any candidates and MA from any country can use and are encourage to use OMS to search for potential candidates. However, when it comes the time to fill out the paperwork you need to use the system that your own country has setup for matching/blessing candidates. At this point in time there is not yet a universal system. If a candidate is located in a country that does not have an active Blessed Family Department, please contact a BFD from another country that can help you. Try to stay within your Region, but if that is not possible, please contact another active BFD. Many countries have good BFD departments (England, Canada, USA, Brazil, Japan, South Korea…)

14 Q & A What are Matching Advisors? I have been asked this question several times and even though I have answered it and a document has been posted to that effect on the “NEWS&DOCS” inside OMS still many are confused. A Matching Advisor is a person who is willing to take responsibility for the matching and blessing of others. Matching Advisors are educated and trusted by the Blessed Family Departments to fulfill that responsibility. A MA will help you with paperwork and will determine if an applicant qualifies to become a candidate. That is a very important. OMS will NOT overrule MA decision. In the USA, MA works with BFD representatives, however, BFD reps are not necessarily MA. Applicant should relate to an MA whom they trust and who knows them well in order to get an approval to become a candidate on OMS. What about sponsors? I have been asked this question to. A sponsor is someone who knows an applicant well. A sponsor should be able to vouch for the integrity and the character of a sponsor. A sponsor does not have to be an MA. A sponsor however, can help and MA understands the specific of an applicant and together can work in the approval process of an applicant.

15 Thank you The Blessing, that our True Parents give, which is a sacrament and gift to all of us, is the secret ingredient to world peace.

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