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Ready? Lets go!. Welcome to your new school….. …Union Grove Middle School! us/ugm Learning, Caring, and Growing! (Just.

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1 Ready? Lets go!

2 Welcome to your new school….. …Union Grove Middle School! us/ugm Learning, Caring, and Growing! (Just click on the mouse to move to the next slide.)

3 Table of Contents Welcome to UGMS! General Information Did You Know?… Your Class Schedule Connections Classes Band, Chorus, & Orchestra UGMS School Map Looking Forward to School Activities Extracurricular Activities FAQs How to Succeed in Middle School Peer Advice from Middle School Students (Just click on the mouse to move to the next slide.)

4 Welcome to your new school! (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

5 General School Information Union Grove Middle School Home of the Wolverines 210 East Lake Road McDonough, GA 30252 Hours:8 - 4 pm Phone:678-583-8978 Fax:678-583-8580 Principal: Mr. Tom Moreland Assistant Principals: Ms. Kathy Wilson Mr. Eric Thompson Registrar: Ms. Dorothy Rose Graduation Coach: Ms. Carolyn Solsten Counselors: Mr. John Ellis Ms. Christy LeJeune Ms. Candice Gullatt (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

6 Is your immunization up to date? All 6 th graders must have a chickenpox vaccination (or proof of immunity) as well as a 2 nd MMR immunization before entering school. Parents, be sure that your elementary school has an updated Georgia Immunization certificate. Be proud of your new school! Union Grove Middle School is one of our countys newest and most exciting schools! We have an experienced and enthusiastic faculty, dedicated administrators, and friendly counselors. Youll have a lot to enjoy and look forward to over the next three years. Be sure to get your Infinite Campus Portal Access code! Parents and students can access all kinds of important school information by visiting our portal website. Each students grades, including a list of all work assigned in each subject, is kept updated by the teachers and can be checked by the parent or child simply by logging in to the system with your individual password. You can also get updated information on topics such as upcoming news & events, lunch menus, important reminders, and lots more. Dont forget to get yours at our upcoming Open House! (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

7 This is an example of a class schedule that shows all of a students assigned classes. The schedule also shows names and room numbers for each teacher and includes both academic and connections classes. You will get your schedule before the year begins and will get a new one every 12 weeks that shows your new connections classes. Your schedule tells you where you should be throughout the day! Union Grove MiddleStudent Schedule for Swift, Taylor 210 EAST LAKE ROAD,Grade 6 Student Number 1234567 MCDONOUGH, GA 30252Term 1Courses Enrolled: 11 Generated on 7/26/09 Page 1 of 1Mailing Address: 124 Any Road, McDonough GA 30252 Term 1 (08/03/2009 – 09/11/2009) 0 Enrichment Turner, Michael Rm: 603 1 Science Turner, Michael Rm: 603 2 Math Ryan, Matt Rm: 602 3 Social Studies Gonzalez, Tony Rm: 604 4 Language Arts Lofton, Curtis Rm: 605 5 Art Weems, Eric Rm: 310 6 Technology Abraham, John Rm: 317 (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

8 Connections Classes Connections classes are courses that you take for a twelve-week period during the year. Each student is scheduled for two connections classes per day besides their regular academic subjects. Students do not sign up for connections but rotate every twelve weeks to new classes. Over the course of the year, everyone has a variety of classes, so you get the chance to learn lots of new things! Visual Arts Family and Consumer Science Business Technology Physical Education Career Exploration Technology Skills for Adolescents. Health Band, Chorus or Orchestra (optional) (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

9 Band, Chorus, & Orchestra Programs Beginning Band, Chorus, and Orchestra classes are offered to interested 6 th graders as a special connections class. Students who choose to sign up for one of these programs make a commitment to the class for the entire year. You should think carefully before you decide to join: Band, Chorus, and Orchestra students learn musical performance skills that are not offered to other students. It is a great experience for those truly interested, but it takes your commitment to be successful! Daily practice and participation in rehearsals and performances is required. Band, Chorus, and Orchestra students do not get as many connections classes as other students do, but they do get advanced musical training and the opportunity to grow & continue in the program each year. (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

10 School Map

11 Looking Forward to Middle School Activities Here are some examples of activities that you can look forward to.participating in as a middle school student : Athletic Events Red Ribbon Week Field Day Assemblies Dances 8 th grade Career Day Mock Georgia Legislative Assembly Concerts and Plays Awards Programs Clubs Intramural sports Field Trips Pep Rallies Yearbooks and School Pictures (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

12 Extracurricular Activities at Union Grove Middle School (a sampling of some of the activities available to UGMS students) Academic Team:7 th & 8 th grades formal academic competition squad Athletics: (Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, Softball, Track, Wrestling, Volleyball, Soccer) For 7 th and 8 th graders only, must have passing grades in at least 5 subjects for the previous semester F.C.A.: (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) This is a Christian-based club service club open to all students; not just for athletes. Junior Beta Club: An academic honor club open to any student with an A average. New member invitations are sent out after the 1 st semester. Partners Club: to promote an understanding & acceptance of persons with disabilities and to build friendships. Peer Ambassadors: A peer leadership and school service organization (7 th & 8 th graders) New members are recruited in the spring of the 6 th grade. Student Council: A service organization within the school and local community that represents our student body. Wolverine Service Club: a student organization devoted to a spirit of community involvement & service to others. Yearbook Club: Our school yearbook staff (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

13 Questions and Answers We invite our rising 5 th graders to participate in our Middle School Orientation program each spring, followed by a meeting for parents in the evening. Our Open House is scheduled for the week before school begins. But, there are also three other great ways to learn more about your new school. You can: Visit our school website ( You will find LOTS of information about our school, including a calendar of events, all kinds of programs and events, and contact information for our staff. Browse your Infinite Campus Portal website for the latest information. (Remember that you must get your access code first to get started.) Give us a call at 678-583-8978. Were happy to help! (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

14 HOW TO SUCCEED IN MIDDLE SCHOOL I keep my books and assignments organized. I remember to bring books, pens, pencils, and notebooks to each class. I write down each of my assignments, tests and due dates in my agenda book. When I dont understand, I ask questions. When Im given a project, I start early instead of waiting until the last minute. I complete and turn in all homework and classwork. My behavior allows for me and others around me to study, learn, and participate in school. I pay attention to what is going on during class. I set and work toward goals where I need improvement. I look for ways to solve my problems instead of giving up. (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

15 Peer Advice from Former Middle School Students Just be yourself, stand up for what you believe in, respect others, and work hard; youll do just fine! Morgan Burdette, former UGMS student from East Lake Elementary The teachers are nice, but they will expect good behavior and your best efforts in class. Amanda Northern, former UGMS student from Mt. Zion Elementary Be proud to be in 6 th grade! Your teachers and peers will be there for you when you need help. Sarindee Wickramasuriya, former UGMS student from East Lake Elementary Dont worry or pay attention to rumors. Youll have lots of fun, just be good and concentrate! Jasmine Pittman, former UGMS student from Timber Ridge Elementary UGMS is a great school! Youll have lots of new opportunities, good luck! Stephen Webber, former UGMS student from Hickory Flat Elementary Stay focused and youll be successful. Dont be afraid to ask questions when you need help. Joey Herrington, former UGMS student from East Lake Elementary Stay organized! You make a good impression and start off on the right foot! Lucy Mobley, 7 th grader from East Lake Elementary Its easy to make friends; Just be yourself!. Dillon Livecche, former UGMS student from Pleasant Grove Elementary (Click the mouse when youre ready.)

16 Thats All Folks! Dont Forget to… Visit our school website! Get your Portal code! Thanks for watching!

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