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Elizabeth Kuylen, Principal

2 Counselor: Julie Atwood
C R J H Assistant Principal: Doug McRorey Counselor: Julie Atwood

3 School Colors: Maroon and
School Mascot: Coyote School Colors: Maroon and Gold GO COYOTES!!

4 DIFFERENT from 6th grade?
How is 5th grade DIFFERENT from 6th grade? School starts at 7:30 and ends at 2:35 8 classes per day classes are 45 minutes long 5 minutes between classes 5 core classes (English, Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science) 1 elective P.E. and Advisory

5 Go from class to class, restroom, lunch, and P.E. by yourself
Continue: Differences Advisory period P.E. – Every day Go from class to class, restroom, lunch, and P.E. by yourself Challenge/GT – Not one day a week, but every day in certain subjects Pep rallies Intramural sports

6 Lockers (book locker and P.E. locker)
Continue: Lockers (book locker and P.E. locker) Tardies – need to get to class on time No recess More homework than in elementary Lunch - sit anywhere Snack bar

7 6th Grade Electives Art Beginning Band (30 min. practice) Beginning Choir Beginning Orchestra (30 min. practice) Theatre I

8 Typical 6th Grade Day Period Subject Room # 1 Math 157 2 English 154 3
Science 139 4 Band Band Hall 6L Lunch 10:50-11:20 Cafeteria 5 Reading 155 6 P.E. Gym 7 Advisory 145 8 Social Studies

9 Choosing Courses Three Class Formats:
Academic – on grade level, more time to review concepts, prepares students for high school PreAP – More challenging, fast paced, requires independent learning, prepares students for AP classes in high school GT – In 6th grade, same as PreAP classes. Must be screened and identified

10 Academic, PreAP, or Both? Each type of class is designed to help students be successful. Students may take a combination of Academic and PreAP. Reading/English must both be academic or both PreAP. Please seek the advice of your child’s teacher. Think about your child’s: interests strengths/weaknesses commitments outside of the class day work ethic/study habits grades/grades your child likes to achieve

11 Academic Works more accurately at a normal pace
Would benefit from repetition and reviews May need extra prompting or reminders Sometimes feels overwhelmed with the homework load May need additional organizational assistance Would feel more successful at the Academic level

12 PreAp Teacher recommended Self motivated
Independent learner and worker Able to learn at an accelerated pace Typically an A student Good organizational skills and plans ahead

13 Large difference in number of
PreAP Math Large difference in number of objectives covered 5th grade – about 60 objectives 6th grade Academic – about 64 objectives 6th grade PreAP – over 90 objectives with some being 7th grade objectives PreAP level of instruction will focus on preparation for taking Algebra I in 8th grade.

14 What Students Say About PreAP/GT
You need to enjoy the subject and like to learn. You will learn something new each day, so you better be used to going fast. Test are really difficult if you don’t study. Expect homework everyday You need to listen closely in class and be organized.

15 Ability, interests, time commitments Organizational skills
When deciding course level, remember to consider student’s: Current grades Ability, interests, time commitments Organizational skills Seek advice from your student’s teacher.

16 Course Selection Sheet
Due to Homeroom Teacher by Tuesday, January 28th If you are moving or planning to move, you must fill it out anyway!

17 What happens after course selections have been entered in the computer?
Course Verifications are sent to elementary teachers in late April or early May (list of courses student/parent selected and entered in our computer system….It is not a schedule. Any corrections and changes will be marked in red pen by parent at this time. Send corrected form back with child to homeroom teacher. If we do not receive a form back, then we believe no corrections were needed.

18 Then What? Before school starts, students will be able to:
Attend Pup Camp Attend Coyote Countdown Pick up their schedule and get locker Purchase school supplies, planners, spirit wear Pay their P.E. fees ($15) Organize their locker Practice their locker combination

19 Other Information Please refer to your Course Catalog for information regarding the description of courses 6th grade Intramurals available for 6th grade (coaches announce specific dates and sports) Athletics ONLY for 7th & 8th grade. If a 6th grader wants to try out for cheerleader or mascot at the end of their 6th grade year, they must have been a member of the Pep Squad during 6th grade and attend 6 events.

20 What is UIL? UIL stands for University Interscholastic League
“No Pass/No Play” Includes all extracurricular activities (examples: field trips, contests, games, concerts) UIL works this way: Failing grades earned on report cards cause a student to be ineligible Grades earned on progress reports can regain eligibility, but will never cause ineligibility Incompletes also make you ineligible until the grade is entered and confirmed

21 On-Line Grades On-Line Grades located on the Katy ISD website under
HAC (Home Access Center) Progress Reports Report cards Parents will have PIN# to access their child’s information.

22 Communications Weekly Newsletter “The Howler” – every Friday
Sign up for E-news Websites – CRJH, Teacher Webs Bulletin Boards/ Welcome area Advisory Announcements -CNN Mailings Time tracker/Daily Planner First Day packets

23 T T The Junior High World
You are welcome to have lunch with your child. You can contact your child’s teachers, counselor, or assistant principal if you have questions. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged.

24 Questions ?

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