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Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. High School

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1 Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. High School
Welcome! Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. High School 7th Grade Orientation Principal: Mr. Karmel V. Principal: Mr. Young School Counselor (7-9): Mrs. Hines

2 You Are Going to Start Middle School Soon!
You are going to have a chance to: Meet more people!! Have more independence Think about your goals for the future Choose activities that interest YOU!

3 Starting Middle School Is A Big Step!

4 It means you’re getting older, so it is ok to feel:
Excited!!! There is a lot to look forward to. Nervous. Starting middle school can be a little scary. Don’t worry– lots of other kids will be feeling nervous too! Sad. It can be difficult if you aren’t in the same classes with some of your old friends. But it gives you a chance to make new friends!

5 How Is Middle School Different?
Different classes. You will go to a different classroom for several subjects...So learn your class schedule! You will have 4 minutes between each class period! That is plently of time! Don’t worry……The teachers are very helpful and understanding if you are late during your first week!

6 How Else Is Middle School Different?
Common Expectations: Be Prepared Book, folder, agenda book and writing utensil Homework/Late Work Full credit given if students stay for tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-4:00 Tardy to Class See Tardy Form Academic Success Students failing more than one class after September 13th will be assigned tutoring -Students who fail one or more core classes for the semester will either be assigned to summer school or will repeat the grade



9 Getting Organized Is Your First Key to Success!
#1. Use your agenda! Write down you homework assignments for each class and check it daily. #2 Be Sure You Understand Your Assignments If you have a question don’t be afraid to ask it. Others probably have the same questions as you, so raise your hand! #3 Make Time For Homework Find a quiet place to work and create a consistent schedule! Do your homework during the same time everyday. It will help you!

10 Getting organized takes practice
Getting organized takes practice. But you’ll see that it is worth the effort.

11 Mentor Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Grade checks, week ahead, review of weekend Tuesday Grade and planner checks, club meetings, callouts Wednesday Counseling theme Thursday ISTEP Friday Fun activity!

12 What Is There To Get Involved With In Middle School?
Student Council Choir Band Spell Bowl Tennis Club

13 Sports Programs -St Football- Call out on August 12th at 3:30
Cross Country-Starts August 12th with Coach Burns -St Wrestling Basketball Cheerleading Volleyball-Start August 12 with Coach McDonald at 3:30 Track and Field

14 Important Dates Aug 13: First day of school
Important Dates Aug 13: First day of school! Aug 23: Picture Day Sept 2: Labor Day-No School Sept 11: No School Sept 18-Variety Show/Powder Puff Game Sept 20: Junior High Dance 5:00-6:30 Oct 11:End of nine weeks Oct 17: Parent Teacher Conf Oct 24-25: Fall Break Nov 28-29: Thanksgiving Break Dec 19-20: Finals Dec 21: Christmas Break

15 Good Friendships Vs. Peer Pressure
Negative peer pressure is when people try to get you to do things you don’t want to because you know they may be wrong. At times you may feel pressure to:

16 How to Deal With Peer Pressure in 4 Easy Steps
If someone is asking you to do something you do not want to do and know is wrong, then you are in the midst of peer pressure! How to Deal With Peer Pressure in 4 Easy Steps Step 1. Say no and go. Tell the person that you don’t want to do what they ask and then…. Get yourself out of that situation

17 Step 2. Give a reason It doesn’t even have to be a good one……just say that you have to go…which is the truth!

18 Step 3. Remind yourself of the consequences and think before you act.

19 #4 Di It With Finally! Number 4Someone You Tsdfrust
There may be situations that you are uncertain of what to do. Be open, honest and discuss those situations with your parents, other family members or someone you trust who can give you good advice. Just be sure to discuss it before you act.

20 Family School Community Country
Resisting peer pressure is a sign of independence and strength. Remember who you are and be proud of yourself when you make your own decisions based on who you are and who you represent! Family School Community Country

21 Misc… Packets Fundraiser Incentive Programs
Schedule, PS Passwords, Magnet, Lunch number, Lunch menu, Map of the school, Class period schedule Fundraiser Begins Aug 29th Incentive Programs -Indiana Beach -Student of the Month

22 Good luck and have a great year!

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