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Stormwater at Your Facility Bill Gill July 18, 2013.

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1 Stormwater at Your Facility Bill Gill July 18, 2013

2  Stormwater Runoff Must be Protected from Contamination  Submit a ‘Notice of Intent’ to Discharge Stormwater  General Permits Provide the Requirements ◦ Plan (SWP3) ◦ Thresholds ◦ Sampling  No Exposure is Not an Easy Out

3  Read Your Permit…Again  Make a Cheat Sheet with Conditions, Sampling, Dates, and Other  Cross Check WebEMS  Cross Check Your SWP3  Cross Check Your Site Plan  List and Schedule Any Updates

4  Required by Permit  Site Plan  Potential Sources  House Keeping  Best Management Practices  Sampling  Inspections  Training  Records/Documentation

5  Adhere to the Permit  Plan Ahead with Pre-Prepared Kits or Contract the Sampling Out  Include Results with the Plan and Submit as Required  Know What is Required if You Exceed a Threshold or Miss a Sample  Don’t Forget Dry Weather Monitoring

6  House Keeping, House Keeping, House Keeping  Regular Clean Up of Grounds and Parking Lots  Keep Spill Kits Marked, Stocked, and Conveniently Located  Indoors, Covered, Curbed  Signage  Divert or Valve  Check the Bone Yard

7  Match Your Plan  If One is Missed – Document Why  Check Outfalls  Walk the Property Perimeter  Sign and File with Plan  Follow Up on Any Items Noted & Document  Do One in the Rain

8  Anyone that Handles Liquids, Fuels, Materials Outside or on the Dock  Storeroom/Receiving  Anyone that Responds to Spills  What, Who, When, Where to Report  Don’t Forget Contractors

9  Read Your Permit  Keep All Documentation Properly Filed  Keep All Plan Materials Up To Date  Plan Ahead for Sampling  Report Spills/Releases  When in Doubt - Ask

10 Happiness is an Up To Date SWP3

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