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Workplace Safety. Agenda Safety in the Workplace Safety committee The role of Risk Management Accident reporting Light duty pilot Accident prevention.

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1 Workplace Safety

2 Agenda Safety in the Workplace Safety committee The role of Risk Management Accident reporting Light duty pilot Accident prevention

3 Safety in the Workplace Workplace safety is a right and responsibility. Employees have a right to a safe workplace and must be involved in keeping it that way. We want each and every employee to be safe in the workplace. Source:

4 Accidents and Incidents Accident is defined as an unplanned event that results in personal injury or property damage. Incident is an unplanned event that does not result in personal injury but may result in property damage or is worthy of recording. Near-Miss is an event that does not result in an injury or damage. Source:

5 Days Lost Within PPS, custodial by far has the most days lost due to workplace injuries. Cafeteria staff are second. At the end of fiscal year 2013, custodial had 199 days lost due to injury, nutrition services had 135

6 Common Injuries Among Nutrition Services staff, strains are the most common and costly of all injuries resulting in the significant time loss. Slips, trips and falls are also a concern.

7 Equipment Equipment can be used to reduce the chances of workplace injuries, however faulty equipment can be the cause of injuries. If you notice faulty equipment contact your program manager or safety committee. Make sure you have the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

8 Safety Committee The NS safety committee meets once per month during the school year. Made up from representatives from central distribution, warehouse, Risk Management and facilities and school based. Try to have an accurate representation (K5, K8, MS, and HS)

9 Safety Committee Discuss safety concerns from observations Review accident investigations Meeting minutes are posted on the workplace safety webpage along with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). – Provides potential adverse effects of chemicals and handling

10 Safety Website

11 Risk Management Risk Management takes an active role in identifying, evaluating and protecting the physical, financial and human assets of PPS. Activities include reviewing school and departmental safety and loss control procedures to avoid and prevent claims, purchasing insurance, and transferring risk through contracts.

12 Risk Management Review accident investigations and coordinate with insurance company (Pinnacle) and health care providers. Track and monitor injured employees and maintain medical records. Provide light duty assignments and documentation

13 Accident Reporting All incidents and accidents should be reported. Reporting can prevent further injuries from occurring and is record of an injury that occurred.

14 Accident Investigation Primary goals are to identify the root cause of the accident or incident and to prevent the accident or incident from occurring again. Accident investigations and reports help identify these deficiencies. The investigation process is "fact-finding" not "fault-finding".

15 Supervisor Accident Investigation When an accident occurs on the job resulting in time loss, the program manager will conduct a supervisor accident investigation.

16 Worker’s Compensation State-mandated insurance program Provides compensation to employees who are injured on the job and misses time from work.

17 Physical Requirements All jobs within Nutrition Services have physical requirements that employees must meet Sit, stand and walk for a duration of time School based – Lift 50 pounds and push/pull up to 100 pounds

18 Light/Modified Duty If an employee is unable to meet the physical requirements of their job due to a work related injury they are considered on light or modified duty. – For example, no lifting over 10 pounds. If an employee is unable to return to the job for an extended period of time, a light duty assignment might be possible.

19 Light/Modified Assignment Assignments are arranged through Risk Management. Assign an employee tasks or jobs within the district that does not involve physical activities outside their medical limitations. – For example, making back to school packets.

20 Light/Modified Duty Pilot Evaluated schools and identified sites. Schools with multiple incidents or building designs that posed a potential risk. Nutrition Services receives funds to purchase equipment for an employee on modified duty that helps them return to work. Started with two sites Madison and Scott.

21 Light Duty Pilot Madison – Breakfast in the classroom – Purchased mats, workstation and testing new delivery carts Scott – Breakfast in the hallway (have to cross parking lot) – Testing new delivery carts and storage options

22 Madison

23 Scott

24 Accident Prevention What are they ways you can prevent injuries from occurring?

25 Quarterly Safety Inspection Due the last day of the month in October, January and April. Found on the workplace safety webpage. If you come across safety concerns, you can make notes, but follow-up with an email. In the process of updating form.

26 Quarterly Safety Inspection

27 Strain Prevention Strains are the most costly injury for PPS. One way to limit strains is by warming up with light stretching before starting work. Risk Management is working to provide handouts and posters with key stretches. Safety in Motion (SIM)

28 Strain prevention/education program. Took pictures of central employees and custodians in “proper” and “bad” form. Provided a 1 hour training and a 3 hour master class. Developing posters and pans to provide SIM training at an upcoming workshop.

29 Safety Tips Use carts to transport items Know where you are going and have a plan Adjust hand position – pull the load closer to your body Smart setup – heavier items at waist level, lighter and less frequently used items on top. Support upper body weight Keep your knives sharp

30 Document Safety Concerns Take a picture – one of the best things Ask questions Contact your program manager or safety committee chairs Be part of the safety committee

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