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Small Urban & Single Family Construction Site BMPs

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1 Small Urban & Single Family Construction Site BMPs
Perimeter Controls Tracking Controls Building Materials Storage Liquid Storage Dirt & Grading Washout Areas Equipment Concrete Trucks Curb Inlet Protection Spill Control

2 PERIMETER CONTROLS Silt Fence Gravel Bags Straw Wattles
Improper placement Avoid running over with equipment Maintenance

3 TRACKING CONTROLS Tracking Plate & Coarse Gravel Keep Equipment Out
At all entrances/exits Gravel 1” to 3” angular material Clean up any material tracked off site

Urban Sites: Shipping Containers All materials covered or stored in containers Stored onsite and within the perimeter Adequately covered to prevent wind erosion Containers fit within a couple of parallel parking spaces

5 DIRT & GRADING Stockpiled dirt and gravel must be stored onsite and covered Maintain dust control throughout construction Maintain additional tarps onsite during the rainy season

6 WASHOUT AREAS Onsite materials Proprietary Products Kiddie Pool
Wet construction materials should be handled in water tight washout s Liquids include paint, stucco, concrete Use plastic device to collect and contain liquids (water tight) Inspect washout areas daily Pump out or allow to evaporate

7 EQUIPMENT Store equipment with perimeter controls
Place drip pans under earth moving equipment when not using Cover all dumpsters when not using Trash cans available with lids All portable toilets must have drip pans Urban sites create offsite areas or use perimeters around equipment stored on street

Must be surrounded by perimeter controls Tarps should be placed under pumpers during operation Residual areas must be cleaned up Use washout areas for clean up

9 Inlet Protection Gravel Bags/ Filter Fabric

10 Spill Control Have a spill control protocol Minor spill kit
Absorbent materials Wet/dry vacumm Easy to read instructions Major spills Preferred contractor phone number Staff training (basic) on protocol

11 Single Family Residence Examples

12 Single Family Residence Examples

13 Single Family Residence Examples

14 Single Family Residence Examples

15 Single Family Residence Examples

16 Single Family Residence Examples

17 Single Family Residence Examples

18 Single Family Residence Examples

19 Single Family Residence Examples

20 Single Family Lots



23 Individual Lot Erosion Control Plan

24 Single Family Residence Construction BMPs

25 Best Management Practices (BMPs) References

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