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Advice from last year’s classes on reading East of Eden “This book is craaaaaaaazy. Read it." "Don't get more than one night behind. You'll kick yourself.

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Presentation on theme: "Advice from last year’s classes on reading East of Eden “This book is craaaaaaaazy. Read it." "Don't get more than one night behind. You'll kick yourself."— Presentation transcript:

1 Advice from last year’s classes on reading East of Eden “This book is craaaaaaaazy. Read it." "Don't get more than one night behind. You'll kick yourself later." “I wish I had kept up with the reading because I missed out on some intense group discussions. "Don't talk to AP students about the end. They'll RUIN for you!! [angry emoticon]"

2 9/30: Class Agenda: Starting East of Eden  Notebooks… Um. Yah.  Plans for Essays/Test  Check out East of Eden & Pick up Portfolios  Unit Calendar  Reading Expectations and Literature Circles  Start Chapter 1 if time.  HW: Read Chapter (25)/ Golden lines

3 10/1: Happy Tuesday! Reading Review Jigsaw Trasks v. Hamiltons Comparative Charts HW: Read Chapters /Golden Lines

4 10/1: Happy Tuesday! Reading Review Jigsaw: Table: 1.How does Steinbeck describe the Salinas valley? What stands out to you about the description? 2.Describe Samuel Hamilton. Based on this description, how are readers supposed to feel about Samuel? 3.Describe Liza Hamilton. How does she compare to Samuel? 4.Why is life difficult at times for the Hamiltons? 5.What happened to Adam Trask's mother? 6.How are Adam and Charles different? Provide specific examples. 7.Why does Cyrus send Adam to the army? 8.Why do Adam and Charles fight at the end of last night's reading?

5 Trasks & Hamiltons: Cyrus TraskAlice Trask Liza HamiltonSamuel Hamilton Mrs. Trask Adam Trask Charles Trask George Hamilton Will Hamilton Tom Hamilton Joe Hamilton Una Hamilton Lizzie Hamilton Dessie Hamilton Olive Hamilton Mollie Hamilton

6 10/1: Trasks v Hamiltons: Use a Venn Diagram to Compare the two families. How are the different? What qualities do they share? Trask Family Hamilton Family

7 10/1: Trasks v Hamiltons: Use a Venn Diagram to Compare the two families. How are the different? What qualities do they share?

8 10/1: Golden Line Themes: Human Frailty and Imperfection, Coming of Age “When a child first catches adults out—when it first walks into his grave little head that adults do not have divine intelligence, that their judgments are not always wise, their thinking true, their sentences just—his world falls into panic desolation. The gods are fallen and all safety gone. And there is one sure thing about the fall of gods: they do not fall a little; they crash and shatter or sink deeply into green muck. It is a tedious job to build them up again; they never quite shine. And the child’s world is never quite whole again. It is an aching kind of growing.” (19-20ish) Discuss: 1.Determine the context and then explain your understanding of the passage above. 2.What ideas emerge in the passage above that seem significant or important to you? 3.How is this passage at the beginning of Chapter 3.2 different from the others?

9 10/2-3: Happy minimum Block Day DO NOW: Finish the Hamilton Family Chart based on last night’s reading. DO NEXT: Read the excerpts from Genesis looking for parallels to East of Eden and Parallels Activity Literary Terms: Parallel: A similar structure in two distinct texts Allusion: A literary/cultural/religious reference to another text within an entirely different text. HW: Read Chapters 6/Golden Lines

10 Genesis Parallels Book of Genesis excerptsEast of Eden: Setting & Landscape Compare:  where the action takes place  similarities and differences in descriptions & imagery Characters & Conflicts Compare:  family dynamics  character traits  physical descriptions Cain is worker of the ground; Abel is keeper of the sheep God rejects Cain’s gift of crops (hard earned) in favor of Abel’s lamb (easily had). After rejection from God, Cain kills Abel. God puts a mark on Cain to prevent others from killing him. Charles is a farmer; Adam is a wanderer Cyrus prefers the stray puppy (easily had) over the knife (a hard earned gift) After Charles is rejected by Cyrus, he beats Adam savagely, nearly to death. Charles gets a dark scar on his forehead. Topics & Themes  Consider recurring ideas that have potential significance

11 10/4: Happy Friday! DO NOW: Journal: Has there been a time when you defied your parents wishes (or perhaps wanted to but didn’t)? What was the source of the conflict? Review of Multi-choice test A B 23-26C 20-22D 19>F Re-read page 52. Discussion & Reflection Questions: Respond in your notebooks: Why does Adam defy his father’s wishes? How has his relationship with Cyrus changed? How do you feel about Cyrus & Adam throughout this interaction? HW: Read Chapter 7/ Golden Lines

12 10/7: Happy Monday! DO NOW: Please take out your cell phones or laptops or tablets and log into Edmodo. Please read the assignment posted in American Lit Group. If you do not have a mobile device to access Edmodo, let me know. You will have 20 minutes to complete this assignment. DO NEXT: Family History Project:Please read through the Family History Assignment. Use talking to the text to capture any questions that you have about the assignment. DO LAST: Preparation for Lit Circle #1 tomorrow: Take out your book and your Lit Circle assignment sheet with roles. Begin your write up for your assigned role. Be sure that you save room to include Chapter 8. It’s a doozy!!! HW: Chapter 8/Prep for Lit Circle

13 10/8: Happy Tuesday! Do Now: Please take out your Lit Circle Write-Ups. I will stamp them during your discussion. Come up with a name for your group that is somehow connected to the novel. Bring LAPTOPS tomorrow! Lit Circle Discussion Rubric (5 mins) Lit Circle #1 (15 mins + 5 mins reflection) Reflection: Use the notecard provided to capture something significant you discussed or learned, some new insight you had during the discussion today. (chap 1-8, 10/8) Reading Chapter 9 HW: Chapter 9-11** /Golden Lines **Differs from unit calendar

14 10/9-10Happy Block Day! The writing process… The writing process… Where are we now? Family Tree Templates: Family Echo Include: Name, gender, birth/death, marriages, children, siblings Create your Family Tree Draft. HW: Prep for Lit Circle on Friday, thru chapter 13.2

15 Family Tree Draft Maternal Family Side

16 10/11Happy Friday! Essays Returned. 60 points Check Expository Essay Rubric & Glue in front of Notebook. Notebooks due on Monday! Changes to calendar: Reading Assessment #1 is Tuesday October 22, not the 24 th. Lit Circle #2 Write Up Scores: 5: Excellent 4: Good 3: Basic 2: Developing 1: Insufficient/Incomplete Self & Peer Assessment Draft Check of Family Tree HW: Read Chapters /Golden Lines

17 10/14 Happy Monday! Reminder: Tomorrow is 1/3/5/7 Block Day! Do Now: Turn in Self/Peer Assessment sheets to black basket. Journal: Choose three characters who have demonstrated evil in some capacity thus far in the novel. Explain their evil act, what makes it evil, and what you believe to be the motivation for their evil behavior. (10 minutes) Watch: Phillip Zimbardo, The Psychology of Evil (25 minutes)The Psychology of Evil Reflection on Video & Reading: After viewing the video and reading the first 1/3 of East of Eden, take some time to reflect on your current thinking about the following questions: Do people learn to be evil (immoral) or is it an innate (inborn/genetic) characteristic? Or is it both? Give specific examples from the reading of characters who act morally and immorally. Explain the degree to which you believe they are choosing to be moral/evil and how you have arrived at that understanding. (Last 15 minutes of class) HW: Chapter (31)/ Prep for Lit Circle #3

18 10/15-17 Happy BLOCK day! I will collect period 3 Notebooks on Monday! Lit Circle #3 (15 minutes) How to research for Family History Project Writing Lab: Research OR start reading homework & prep for Lit Circle #4-- on Friday, if I’m here. If not, the sub will collect your Write Ups and you will not do the actual discussion. HW: Read Ch / Prep for Lit Circle #4 Research family history

19 10/15-17 Happy BLOCK day! Researching for Family History Project: Please make a T-Chart in your Notebooks. As we watch the short video, take notes. Primary Sourcesv. Secondary Sources Brainstorm: Use your family tree– pick one of the people you are most intersted in learning more about! Answer these questions and create more questions from what you know! What do I already know? What do I want to know more about? How can I discover more about this information?

20 Writing Process: Step 1 Family Tree Draft Maternal Family Side I’m starting here!

21 Writing Process: Step 2 Begin Researching: Where do I start? Brainstorm: Use your family tree– pick one of the people you are most intersted in learning more about! Answer these questions and create more questions from what you know! 1.What do I already know? 2.What do I want to know more about? 3.Where/How can I discover more about this information?

22 Writing Process: Step 3 Outline Your Chapters Use your research to begin drafting an outline. Check out the documents on in the Family History Project Assignment. Chapter Sketch Drafts are Due on Thursday (periods 1/3) Or Friday (period 2) next week!

23 10/18 Happy Friday! Hi All– Sorry I’m not here again today. I’m out of town and will be back on Monday! Periods 1 & 2 -- Please Pick Up your Notebooks! Lit Circle Number #4: You will not do the actual Lit Circle today, but rather, please turn in the Write-Ups for this lit circle in the black basket. Writing Lab Day: Please read the assignment on Edmodo when you get to P-16. Thanks! See you Monday! HW: Chapters 20-21, Draft Chapter Sketches

24 10/21 Happy Monday! STEM WEEK New Seats Check in on Friday Reminders: Reading Assessment Tomorrow Draft of Chapter Sketches due Thurs (1,3)& Fri (2) Updates on my Family History Research: Anasthasios’ first wife, Payona and child Period 3-- Please Leave Your Notebooks! (I will do my best to get this grade on the progress grade for Q1!) New Roles for Lit Circles Writing Lab Day: Please read the assignment on Edmodo when you get to P-16.the assignment on Edmodo HW: Chapters 22 (important chapter!), Draft Chapter Sketches

25 10/22 Happy Tuesday Extended Tutorial Schedule Reminders: Draft of Chapter Sketches due Thurs (1,3)& Fri (2) Reading Assessment. If you finish before the end of class, please start reading quietly and prepping for Lit Circle #5 TOMORROW HW: Chapters /Prep for Lit Circle on Wednesday Draft Chapter Sketches

26 10/23 Happy Wednesday STEM WEEK Reminders: 3 rd period: Pick up your notebooks! ALL: Draft of Chapter Sketches due Thurs (1,3)& Fri (2)  Lit Circle Assessments Individual participation (1-4 discussions):Unit Work: 30 points Individual participation (5-8 discussions):Unit Work: 30 points Socratic Seminar with co-pilots:Unit work:10 points Preparation for discussion (write ups 1-4): Reading: 50 points Preparation for discussion (write-ups 5-8): Reading: 50 points Formal Reading assessments (2): Reading: 50 points Notebook Check: Unit Work: 30 points  Look at Family History Samples: Gallery Walk Note: These projects do NOT have the work cited pages in them. Yours will!  Lit Circle #5 HW: Chapters /Draft Chapter Sketches Please create a google doc of your chapter sketches for tomorrow/Friday.

27 10/24-25 Happy Block Days Family History Project: Chapter Sketches Chapter Sketches v Anecdotes In computer lab– work with your partner to provide feedback: Insert a “comment” do not change the actual text. Ask clarification questions, probe for details Look for continuity in the story telling Can you tell where the “climax” of the story is? HW: Chapters /Draft Anecdotes

28 10/28 Happy Monday Do Now: Read through the Rubric for your CURRENT Role in the Lit Circles as I pass out the write-ups from the previous roles. In your write-ups you must address the questions in the “role specifications”. Family History Project: How do I decide on Anecdotes? Creating Well Developed Characters Writng Lab: Character Development HW: Chapters /Draft Anecdotes

29 10/29 Happy Tuesday! Reminders: Lit Circle #6 on Block Day! Ch LOTS of Content… Let’s have great write-ups! Draft of Anecdotes due Friday! Today: Family History Project: Creating Well Developed Characters Writng Lab: Character Development HW: Chapters 32-33/Lit Circle Prep

30 10/30-31 Happy Block Day! Reminders: Draft of Anecdotes due Friday! Today: Lit Circle #6 After Lit Circle: Close Reading of Quotes Ch For your table’s quote: 1.Explain the context: Who, What, When, Where, Why? 2.Interpret the quote: What does it mean? How do you know? (metacognition) 3.Explain the significance in the overall story– what theme does it relate to? Connections to other parts of the novel? If you finish, start the HW. HW: Chapters 34-37/Draft of Anecdotes

31 Chapter 24 “Don’t you see?... The American Standard translation orders men to triumph over sin, and you call sin ignorance. The King James translation makes a promise in ‘Thou shalt,’ meaning that men will surely triumph over sin. But the Hebrew word, the word timshel—‘Thou mayest’—that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open.” (303)

32 Chapter 25 “I can do anything,” she said. “And now, my love, take of your clothes. And I will show you what else I can do.” Adam closed his eyes and shook his head violently. “It wouldn’t matter- --even if it were true,” he said. “It wouldn’t matter at all.” And suddenly he laughed because he knew that this was so. (325)

33 Chapter 26 On his drive back to the ranch Adam found that he was noticing things he had not seen for years. He saw the wildflowers in the heavy grass, and he saw the red cows against the hillsides, moving up the easy ascending paths and eating as they went. When he came to his own land Adam felt a quick pleasure so sharp that he began to examine it. And suddenly he found himself saying aloud in rhythm with his horse’s trotting feet, “I’m free, I’m free. I don’t have to worry any more. I’m free. She’s gone. She’s out of me Oh, Christ Almighty I’m free.” ( )

34 Chapter 27a Cal felt pleasantly excited. He had found another implement, another secret tool, to use for any purpose he needed. He studies Aron, saw his quivering lips, but he noticed in time the flaring nostrils. Aron would cry, but sometimes pushed to tears, Aron would fight too. And when Aron cried and fought at the same time he was dangerous. (338)

35 Chapter 27b Aron came dashing around the house, carrying a cardboard box intricately tied with string in fancy bow knots. He thrust it at Abra. “Here,” he said. “Don’t untie it until you get home.” Cal saw revulsion on Abra’s face. Her hands shrank away from the box…...Before the first turn Abra’s hand came up and the box went sailing backward into the road. Cal watched his brother’s face and saw misery come into Aron’s eyes… “I wanted to marry her,” Aron said. “I put a letter in the box, asking her.” (351)

36 Chapter 28 He sat holding the letter in his hand and looking over it at this brother’s dark face with its scarred forehead. Adam could see the glinty hear in the brown eyes, and as he looked he saw the lips writhe back from the teeth and the blind destructive animal take charge. He shook his head to rid his memory of the vision, and the tried to rebuild the face smiling. He tried to remember the forehead before the scar, but he could not bring either into focus. He seized the pen and wrote below his signature, “PS. Charles, I never hated you no matter what. I always loved you because you were my brother.” (362)

37 Chapter 30 “Dear Lord,” he said, “let me be like Aron. Don’t make me mean. I don’t want to be. If you will let everybody like me, why, I’ll give you anything in the world, and if I haven’t got it, hy, I’ll go for to get it. I don’t want to be mean. I don’t want to be lonely. For Jesus’ sake, Amen.” Slow warm tears were running down his cheeks. His muscles were tight and he fought against making any crying sound or sniffle. ( )

38 Chapter 31 “No. I won’t because I seem to know that there’s a part of you missing. Some men can’t see the color green, but they may never know they can’t. I think you are only a part of a human. I can’t do anything about that. But I wonder whether you ever feel that something invisible is all around you. It would be horrible if you knew it was there and couldn’t see it or feel it. That would be horrible.” (385)

39 11/4 Happy Monday! Thank you! Anecdote drafts– I will check them as I have time! Be sure that you’ve shared to NOTEBOOKS DUE FRIDAY Reading Reflection & Discussion: Respond in your notebooks. 1.Re-read Chapter 34 as a group. Discuss first and then reflect in your notebooks: What is Steinbeck’s purpose in writing chapter 34? Consider how it is different from most chapters in East of Eden. 2.What understanding do you take from the discussion of the three deaths? 3.Early in chapter 39, after Cal returns home from jail, he and Adam have a long talk. What is your reaction to this conversation? Discuss your insights as an observer of family relationships in East of Eden. 4.At the end of chapter 39, Cal visits Kate they talk. Cal considers what Lee has told him about his mother and has an epiphany (an awareness) about himself. What is this epiphany? How does talking with Kate help him realize it? HW: Chapters 41-44/FAMILY HISTORY PROJECT

40 11/5 Happy Tuesday! Reminder: NOTEBOOKS DUE FRIDAY Activity: Charting the Vices and Virtues in East of Eden HW: Read / Prep for Lit Circle #7 on Block Day (Ch.34-47)

41 11/6-7 Happy Block Day!

42 Reminders: NOTEBOOKS DUE THIS FRIDAY Family History Projects due on Monday, November 18  Reading Reflection & Lit Circle Discussion: (Include this work as part of your discussions) 1.What is Cal’s motivation for wanting to make back the money Adam lost in the refrigeration fiasco? Is this reason justifiable? How does it make you feel about Cal? 2.Re-Read Chapter What is your thinking about the fact that Aron is consistently dissatisfied with his life? How do you feel about him as a character at this point? 3.Reflect on the idea of “timshel”: How have Aron and Cal both demonstrated this concept in these chapters? 4.Select a Golden Line that supports your assertion above. Copy down the quote/passage and page number and then explain why you picked it and its relevance to your thinking about Cal and Aron’s actualizing “timshel” in their lives.  Charting the Vices and Virtues: Add to your major events by including 2 events from chapters HW: Chapters 48-49/FAMILY HISTORY PROJECT

43 11/8 Happy Friday! Reminders: NOTEBOOKS DUE TODAY Family History Projects due on Monday, November 18  Vices and Virtues Gallery Walk & Presentation  SSR if time  Reading Assessments returned: What is CONTEXT? HW: Chapters 50-52/FAMILY HISTORY PROJECT

44 11/12 Happy Tuesday! Reminders: Last Lit Circle Tomorrow/Block Day! Reading Assessment #2 on Friday Family History Projects due on Monday, November 18 Finish Novel together in class Socratic Preparation for block day: Which characters best illustrate the power of the concept of timshel? HW: FAMILY HISTORY PROJECT

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