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There’s no such thing as a boy’s / girl’s job

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1 There’s no such thing as a boy’s / girl’s job
Learning area 3 There’s no such thing as a boy’s / girl’s job

2 Quick on the draw We’re going to draw a quick sketch of some people doing particular jobs. Have you ever met people doing these jobs? What did they look like? Slide 2

3 Quick on the draw Nurse Bus driver Police officer Soldier Builder
Plumber Teacher Childminder Slide 3

4 Michael or Michaela? Did the groups that had the ‘Michael’ worksheet think he would be doing something different than the groups that had the ‘Michaela’ worksheet? Slide 4

5 Michael or Michaela? Why did you come up with the answers you did?
Do we expect boys and girls to do different things after school? Why? Slide 5

6 Guess the job - 1 Play audio clip # 1 Slide 6

7 Guess the job - 2 Play audio clip # 2 Slide 7

8 Guess the job - 3 Play audio clip # 3 Slide 8

9 Guess the job - 4 Play audio clip # 4 Slide 9

10 Guess the job - 5 Play audio clip # 5 Slide 10

11 Guess the job - 6 Play audio clip # 6 Slide 11

12 Guess the job - 7 Play audio clip # 7 Slide 12

13 Guess the job - 8 Play audio clip # 8 Slide 13

14 Thumbometer We’re going to read a number of statements, and you have to show whether you agree or disagree using your thumbometer. Thumb straight down means you don’t agree. Straight up means you agree. All positions in between show you agree or disagree a little. Slide 14

15 Thumbometer Being a hairdresser is not a job for a man. Slide 15

16 Thumbometer Women can’t be car mechanics. Slide 16

17 Thumbometer Being Black makes it harder to find a job you like.
Slide 17

18 Thumbometer If none of your family have been to university, you can’t go either. Slide 18

19 Thumbometer If you are blind or deaf you can’t work. Slide 19

20 Thumbometer If you are white you will earn more money. Slide 20

21 Thumbometer Men who stay at home to look after children are weird.
Slide 21

22 Thumbometer People who believe in God can’t be scientists. Slide 22

23 Thumbometer Women can’t be vicars. Slide 23

24 Thumbometer Women who wear hijabs can’t be hairdressers. Slide 24

25 Thumbometer What are stereotypes? Why are they a problem?
Why is it so important not to just accept them? Why did you give the answers you did to the statements? Why are the statements wrong? Slide 25

26 What do kids think? We’re going to hear what some kids think about different jobs. You’re going to use your worksheet to write down what they say, and then we’re going to talk about whether you think the same. Slide 26

27 Play video clip What do kids think?
What does a firefighter look like ? Play video clip Slide 27

28 What do kids think? Did you think that a firefighter would be a man?
The days of the traditional all male style of Fire Service have gone. The word “fireman” isn’t used any more in the Fire Service. Instead they say “firefighter”. More women are becoming firefighters. People in trouble need somebody to help them, they don't care who. Slide 28

29 Play video clip What do kids think? What sort of person works in
a nursery ? Play video clip Slide 29

30 What do kids think? Did you think that somebody who worked in a nursery would be a woman? Men can work in nurseries too. In fact it’s really important that they do, so that children have both men and women to look up to. It’s a really fun job that is very creative and active. You will normally need a childcare qualification to work as a nursery nurse. Slide 30

31 What do kids think? Describe a scientist Play video clip Slide 31

32 What do kids think? Did you think that a scientist would be a man?
Women can be scientists too. There are lots of science-based jobs like working with chemicals, or in medicine. You usually need to go to university to become a scientist. Slide 32

33 Play video clip What do kids think? What is an airline pilot like ?
Slide 33

34 What do kids think? Did you think that an airline pilot would be a man? Women can be pilots too. There’s no such thing as a job that’s just for boys, or just for girls. It’s an exciting job that allows you to travel all over the world. There are different courses that you can take to become a pilot, but it helps if you have a good level of Science and Maths. Slide 34

35 What do kids think? What are nurses like ? Play video clip Slide 35

36 What do kids think? Did you think that a nurse would be a woman?
Traditionally, nursing is a female career. However, there are more and more male nurses. Nursing is a very interesting and rewarding job. There are lots of different nursing courses you can do to become a nurse. Slide 36

37 Play video clip What do kids think? What’s it like being an engineer ?
Slide 37

38 What do kids think? Did you think that engineering was a dirty job, for men? Engineering is behind everything we eat, wear and use, from make-up, to cars, to mobile phones. Engineers find out what people need, develop an idea and see how it can be made at a good price. Most engineering needs a good understanding of maths and science. It doesn’t have to involve getting dirty or greasy - some engineers do most of their work at a desk and others get more ‘hands-on’. Slide 38

39 Why do people work? All people work for ‘reward’.
This means that they get something out of working. Different people find different things important in their working lives: Some people think that money is the most important reason for working Other people think enjoyment is more important. Slide 39

40 Why do people work? To earn money.
Because they find their work interesting. Because they feel like they are making a difference to the world (for example somebody who works as an ambulance driver, or for a wildlife charity). Because they like the people they work with. Because it makes them feel important and they like the fact that other people look up to them. Slide 40

41 Why do people work? What would you find most important if you were working? Place the cards in order of importance. Slide 41

42 What if? poetry We are going to write a ‘what if’? poem.
The aim of this activity is to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and to think creatively about different jobs. It’s not about choosing a job for yourself. Slide 42

43 What if? poetry What if I was a nurse? What if I went to university?
What if I was a jet pilot? What if I was in the army? What if I was a mechanic? What if I was a builder? What if I was a plumber? What if I was a scientist? What if I was a hairdresser? Slide 43

44 What if? poetry Once you have written your poem you could make a template linked to the job you have chosen and write your poem in it. For example, you might make a car template if you have written about being a taxi driver in your poem. Slide 44 44

45 Play video film Pass it on
Watch the Pass it On film and think about what the most important messages are. Play video film Slide 45 45

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