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Bureau Bildung und Beratung What is a function? The term function can have several meanings: (Area of) activity Task Office (as a functionary) In connection.

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1 Bureau Bildung und Beratung What is a function? The term function can have several meanings: (Area of) activity Task Office (as a functionary) In connection with the modularisation, functions are: typical fields of action after qualification Typical areas of activity in the application field A function can correspond to one or several qualification modules.

2 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Functional analysis Which tasks are assigned to individual functions? What importance (weighting) do these tasks have? Is it possible to take up several functions after gaining the qualificaiton? Is there a possibility to specialise? (Compulsory- and optional modules!)

3 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Task- and activity analysis Team of experts Workshop with representatives of the application field Survey of supervisors Analysis of regulations, training documents and the like Work analysis etc.

4 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Standardised units concept Work title for the modules Provisional formulation of the corresponding expertise The standardised units concept must be intensively discussed with all partners: hearings, consultation Revision of standardised units as a basis for development of the modules

5 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Modules Are base elements of the standardised unit system. Always lead to an expertise, which enables a person to carry out certain vocational or non-work related tasks and functions. Are self-contained learning units, which are offered as part of a comprehensive modular system (standardised units). Contain proof regarding the acquired expertise. Both the conditions for admission and the expertise that can be acquired have consistent descriptions. Are based on didactical criteria that take into account the special organizational conditions (a self- contained part of a larger entirety).

6 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Modules as an educational principle Self-contained learning units 40 – 120 hours learning time, whereby the learning time is not equivalent to instruction time Different form of offer Resultant in a specific expertise, i.e. capacity to act within a certain type of application situation Proof of expertise Practical didactics suitable for use in practice Promotion of subject-, method- and social expertise

7 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Expertise Successful behaviour in an application situation Based on certain knowledge, abilities and talents but also on attitudes and demeanours

8 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Training aims Training aims describe resources, i.e. knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes. Training aims can be examined.

9 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Standard units and building Components Building components join modules in such a way that they lead to occupational diplomas. Building components conclude with diplomas, modules with certificates. Building components mediate specific clusters of expertise, the module mediates a single expertise. A standard unit covers a set of modules, which in different combinations result in several possible qualifications. A standard unit contains two- or in most cases, several building components.

10 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Modules as an organizational principle 1 5 2 1314 109 6 3 18 7 11 1516 12 8 4 192017 2322 25 21 262728 24 Diploma ADiploma B Diploma D Diploma C

11 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Identification of provider Provider:name, address Form of offer:e.g. duration of one week or term, day- or evening classes Contents:are tangible, provide the learning person with information and are used for decision making Learning time:in hours, not lessons conveyance of individual time allocation for each learning form Validity period:length of time during which the module is recognized as a partial qualification for certain degrees, certificates or diplomas. Remarks: general remarks from the module provider.

12 Bureau Bildung und Beratung Module ID Title:brief, objective. Facilitates finding the module in the module data base. Requirements:for the respective module. Expertise:what is one capable of doing after the module? Where can one be employed? Certificate of expertise: form of verification to ascertain that the expertise is present. Level:positioning in the educational landscape by means of an international scale. Learning aims:formulated aims of a general nature, approx. 5 – 7 per module. Recognition:for which further training courses? Period of validity:in general 3 years from the registration date.

13 Bureau Bildung und Beratung What is an occupation Qualification compositions that have developed historically during the process of the division of work and that are institutionally secured, and which are used to fulfil the functional requirements of the division of work. Workforce samples that can be applied industry-wide, their utilization potential being determined by the fact that they can be communicated on the employment market as containing special abilities. The structured entirety of a socially defined, complex work capacity (not simply the sum of the single qualifications that were formally acquired and evaluated within the education system). Based on traditional and/or appropriately designed learning targets for qualification processes, which are aligned to specific work segments. The job-specific work capacity contains a potential for problem solving ability with a changing, but overall high adaptability to work-related problems. According to: BECK U., BRATER M. & DAHEIM H.

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