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Educational system in Andalusian (Spain) ACADEMIA 2011. Ljubljana 9 th – 13 th May 2011. “To fight against the scholastic failure. To achieve that at least.

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1 Educational system in Andalusian (Spain) ACADEMIA 2011. Ljubljana 9 th – 13 th May 2011. “To fight against the scholastic failure. To achieve that at least 85 % of the young persons should be titled in top education” (Strategie for the growth and the employment in Europe 2020)

2 The educational system in Andalusia The educational system in Andalusia correspond to the one at national level.It is an Organic Law OF EDUCATION (LOE). This law regulates what we teach: goals, objectives, curriculum, etc.

3 NURSEY374166 PRIMARY547006 COMPULSORY SECONDARY EDUCATION (CSE)368763 VOCATIONAL TRAINING MEDIUM LEVEL..........57843 HIGH LEVEL................42679 100462 BACCHELOR113558 OTHERS273237 STUDENTS IN ANDALUSA. Course 2010/11 1803124 Students/Public Schools 79%1424860 Students/Private Schools 21%378264


5 COMPULSORY SECONDARY EDUCATION (C.S.E.) The Degree 231/2001 of CSE in Andalusia stablishes the curriculum for every stage, and aims at the maximum possible development of students. It provides educational autonomy to schools, which mean that each center can adapt contents and objectives to their characteristics, through the educational and management project in each centre. Educational and tutorial conselling allow a proper education to every student (personalised to each one)

6 COMPULSORY SECONDARY EDUCATION GOALS - To acquire basic elements of culture, arts, artistic, technological, scientific. - To acquire habits that will prepare students for further studies and job insertion. - To train them to be citizens with rights and duties.

7 COMPULSORY SECONDARY EDUCATION The curriculum focusses on the CSE: - To develop skills and abilities of the student. - To acquire proper knowledge to understand the society and the evolution of the same until today. - To strengthen human rights and freedoms and principles of individual and democratic societies - To know the basic rules for living and the culture in Andalusia and Spain. - To build healthy living habits. - To respect the environment.

8 COMPULSORY SECONDARY EDUCATION DEGREE After the CSE the students have acquired basic competence and the objectives established by these teachings. The title is called GRADUATE IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. The student who fails the competency requirements receive a certificate of education with the subjects studied and number of years at school.

9 Initial vocational training programs This program pursues the goals of educational inclusion and employment of people over 15 years who have failed to obtain the title CSE. This level corresponds to level 1 of the national catalogue of professional qualifications. It is structured in modules: - Professional competence - Training modules on basic skills to transition into jobs.

10 Baccalaureate LOE 2 / 2006 of May 3 in Article 6.2. says that "the government sets in relation to the objectives, basic skills, content, assessment methods and evaluation, the basic aspects of the curriculum. It is a post-compulsory education for two academic years. - It ’ s organized in general and optional subjects - Aims to ensure the continuity of the educational process.

11 Baccalaureate GOALS: Develop skills, responsible attitudes and values. Ability to work in teams, analyze and reflect on social inequalities. - Apply research techniques. - Understand, value and respect the identity of Spain, and its territorial units (communities). ACCESS Graduated in CSE. Technicians at a medium level.

12 baccalaureate STRUCTURE OF HIGH SCHOOL - Arts - Science and Technology - Humanities: Social Sciences - Humanities COMMON SUBJECTS 1 st course Science-Physical Education - Philosophy - Spanish language - foreign language 2 nd year History of philosophy - History of Spain - Spanish language - Foreign language OPTIONAL (Others)

13 Baccalaureate EVALUATION It is made in relation to its subjects and assessed each student ’ s perfomance according to the objectives of the school and the possibility of progress in higher grades. TITLE OBTAINED The title is obtained when students complete the two courses. The Orientation is part of the teaching function. The tutor should be able to guide the students in making decisions.

14 VOCATIONAL TRAINING (vt) Article 39 of the LOE establishes the principles of the VT Training for the qualified performance of various professions. The middle and upper cicles are related to the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications (SNCP).

15 VOCATIONAL TRAINING Objectives - To develop the competence corresponding to the chosen qualification. - To understand the characteristics of the production system and labor market. - To learn by themselves and to work in teams. - To work in safety and health, and develop prevention. - To develop a spirit of enterprise.

16 VOCATIONAL TRAINING ACCESS The intermediate level is accessed with a degree in Secondary Education (CSE) By test, if you are 17 years. The upper cicle can be accessed with the baccalaureate degree.

17 VOCATIONAL TRAINING Workplace training. 1. All training courses of initial training will include a training module in the workplace in order to complete the skills in real work situations. 2. The training module in the workplace shall be made generally after they had passed all the modules.

18 TRAINING PROGRAMS WORKPLACE IN COUNTRIES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION The goal of these programs LEONARDO, ERASMUS, is to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and necessary skills, including mastering a foreign language and the improvement mobility. It is to promote programs so that students can do practical vocational training in workplaces located in European Union countries, in order to facilitate the connection of the field of vocational training in the workplace.

19 VOCATIONAL TRAINING EVALUATION W ill be continuous and carried out by professional modules. It values the learning outcomes in accordance with the evaluation criteria, as well as academic and professional maturity in relation to the objectives of the training cycle. DEGREE The degree is the title of technician and Superior technician for medium or upper cicle.


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