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Animal quiz time…. Le 9 Mai. Take out your verb list: pouvoir vouloir rire.

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1 Animal quiz time…. Le 9 Mai

2 Take out your verb list: pouvoir vouloir rire

3 InfinitivePresent Indicative Past Partici ple être Imperfect Stem Future and Conditional Stem Present Subjunctive stem Passé Simple Stem payer peindre traduire *

4 InfinitivePresent Indicative Past Participl e être Imperfect Stem Future and Conditiona l Stem Present Subjuncti ve stem Passé Simple Stem pouvoir Paie payons paies payez paie paient payé pay- paier- pai- pa- ai,as,a âmes, âtes,èrent peindrepeins peignons Peins peignons peint peignent peintPeign-Peindr-Peign-peind- is,is,it îmes, îtes, irent traduiretraduis traduisons traduis traduisez traduit traduisent traduitTraduis-traduir-Traduis - traduis- is,is,it îmes, îtes, irent * pay

5 Write a summary of 17; read 18 Online edition of Le Petit Prince is here. AP link to listening to accompany practice exam are here. hereAP link Note on present participles and their very limited USE

6 Notes present participle- VERBALS PRESENT PARTICIPLES* Take the nous form of the verb ; drop –ons and add –ant Verbing parlant=speaking *ayant=having *étant=being *sachant=knowing changeant commençant Use these forms with the preposition EN and no other preposition. Remember this is NOT a verb form instead this is an adjective type verbal or a gerund verbal M. Ed est un cheval parlant. La fille souiante Sachant est important! Try these : Watching Waiting Working Living Remember these can only be Adjectives (agree with the noun being described) or Nouns in French language. EN= while, by, during, wearing, upon…. *There are 3 irregular present participles: ayant, étant, and sachant

7 COMPOSED PARTICIPLES Use the present participle of avoir or être as the helping verb + a past participle note: please remember that this is a compound tense and therefore agreement rules apply ayant vu= having seen étant tombée=having fallen Upon having lost the game, they…. Having heard the truth, he…..

8 What verbal does one use with all other prepositions? The INFINITIVE or past infinitive! After all prepositions except en and après use the infinitive of past infinitive regardless of what we use in English! Without talking = sans parler Instead of saying= au lieu de dire Before starting= avant de commencer -French adjectives may never be followed directly by an infinitive, either à or de will split them. use de after an adjective of feeling use à after an adjective not describing a feeling Not applicable if the subject is it with ce as a subject, use à with il/elle as a subject, use de Il est bon de vous voir. Cest bon à vous voir.

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