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How To Crash Problem? Fix Mozilla Firefox Call US

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1 How To Crash Problem? Fix Mozilla Firefox Call US 1-888-311-3841

2 Are you facing “Mozilla Firefox crashes” issue in your computer? Call US 1-888-311-3841

3 What we lose? Huge amount of time Important History (Which saved in Firefox History) Add-ons, plugins or unwanted software (Which should be important) Important saved documents (Which saved as Bookmark) Useful Drivers etc…

4 What’s the reason behind Mozilla Firefox crash?

5 There is no single answer, there can be a variety of reasons? You can fix most of common crash issues with Firefox Safe mode and Reset feature.

6 What Should You Do?

7 Follow these steps to fix it!! Call US 1-888-311-3841

8 Use Safe Mode!! Open Firefox menu Click on Help Click on Restart with Add-on disabled Click Here

9 Reset Firefox!!! Open Firefox menuClick on HelpClick on Troubleshooting Information Click Here

10 Click on Reset Firefox button… Click Here

11 Disable Hardware Acceleration Click on Firefox “Tools” menu Select “Option” and click on “Advanced” icon Uncheck the Use Hardware re acceleration

12 Check Malware You can use Microsoft Security Essentials Tools for scanning the computer…

13 Update Software Extensions and Themes: Click the Firefox button:-Firefox Click Add-ons, and select Extensions. Click the “gear menu” and select Check for Updates Install any updated add-ons.

14 After following these steps, you can easily troubleshoot the Mozilla Firefox crashes. In case, any difficulties persist, contact the Uber’s Tech Support Browser support team. Browser Support Uber Tech Support team help you troubleshoot the Mozilla Firefox crashes online. Call US 1-888-311-3841

15 Join us On Facebook Follow us On Twitter Visit Here… Or Call US 1-888-311-3841

16 Thank you Thank you for for Watching Watching Call US 1-888-311-3841

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