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Google Chrome Your Customized Google Buddy April 2012 John Riley and Denise Tate-Kuhler.

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1 Google Chrome Your Customized Google Buddy April 2012 John Riley and Denise Tate-Kuhler

2 Welcome Chrome Basics What are extensions and web apps? How to find and install them Examples of extensions and web apps

3 What is Google Chrome? A popular Web browser from Google that was introduced for Windows in 2008 and the Mac and Linux in 2009. Based on the open source Chromium browser. *,1233,t=Google+Chrome&i=59468, 00.asp

4 Why Chrome Speedy! 25%-28% worldwide usage More popular now than Firefox Web apps and Extensions An account lets you access your personal settings, apps and extensions

5 Chrome's innovative features Integrated address bar and search box Display of "most visited pages" Tabs can be converted to a new windows by dragging it off the tab bar "Incognito" mode, users can visit Web sites without transmitting any cookies stored in their computers, and incoming cookies will be deleted at the end of the session.

6 Chrome Interface Overview Tabs OmniboxExtensions Bookmarks Web Apps Browsing History

7 Signing In To check if you are signed in to Chrome, open a Chrome Browser and 'New Tab' (you should set 'New Tab' as your default home page for Chrome) This will tell you if you are signed in or not: if not, click 'Sign In' Sign in with your Chrome Account

8 Signing Out If you sign out of Chrome, that does not mean that you've signed out of your current internet sessions You will still be signed in to your other accounts (such as GMail, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.)

9 Signing Out, cont. To Sign Out, click on the Wrench, then, 'Signed in as xxx' Under 'Personal Stuff', select 'Disconnect your Google Account' If you are done with your Chrome session, and wish to sign-out, click 'Disconnect Account'

10 Chrome Account vs. Google/Gmail Account You can be logged into Google without logging into your Chrome Browser To insure you are logged into Chrome: check your wrench

11 Settings

12 Setting –Basics- On startup When opening Google Chrome it is the page that will be displayed first?

13 Settings – Basics - Home Page Setting the homepage and default search engine?

14 Settings-Personal Stuff- Browsing Data Don’t lose your bookmarks

15 Settings –Under the Hood- Downloads Where do you want your stuff saved?

16 Settings –Under the Hood-Cloud Print Google Cloud Print make your home and work printers available to you and anyone you choose, from the applications you use every day.

17 What are extensions for Chrome? Extensions are the icons located to the right of the URL bar They are custom features and functionalities that you can add to Chrome They provide extra information depending on the extension (Notifications such as how many emails in your GMail inbox, the weather, pandora music) They provide shortcuts to search, clip (Screen Capture, Kindle It), make notes (Google Tasks), etc They don’t interrupt your browser experience - when you click on an extension, you see the information in a pop- down without having to go to a new page

18 What are apps for Chrome? You must be signed in to see the web apps and extensions! Dynamic web based applications designed to be used entirely online in the browser o GMail, Pandora, Google Maps o Independently operated in a tab of your browser o Can be launched from your new tab page o Do not crash your computer - just close the tab They are really short cuts to tools that users use frequently Click new tab to see web apps At bottom of screen notice o Most Visited (most visited web sites) o Web Apps o You can add others and customize

19 Why use apps and extensions? Customize your Chrome experience Instantaneous access to programs you use, additional features and functionalities o Short cuts! No restart required Auto update Always available with sync

20 Find apps and extensions in Chrome Web Store Easy to search in the 'Chrome Web Store' Can Search by Keywords by Type

21 Uninstalling Apps - Option 1 * Right-Click on App icon * 'Remove from Chrome' * 'Uninstall'

22 Uninstalling Apps - Option 2 * Drag App Icon to bottom right corner * 'Remove from Chrome'

23 Uninstalling Extensions - Option 1 * Right-Click on Extension Icon * 'Uninstall' * Confirm Uninstall

24 Uninstalling Extensions - Option 2 * Select the Wrench Drop-down menu will appear * Select 'Options' * 'Extensions' * 'Remove' * Confirm --> 'Uninstall'

25 Opening Multiple Sessions * Under the Wrench, click Options * 'Personal Stuff' * 'Add new user' It will open a new Chrome window, with sign-in options Sign-in with different Chrome account Under 'Personal Stuff', you can then edit your different users. Be sure to NEVER sign-in with one Chrome Account under another Chrome user It will sync both accounts - Good to label 'Users' for this reason

26 Opening Multiple Sessions, cont. Once you've created a new 'User', you can access the new user by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of Chrome Window This opens list of users you've created When you select one, it will open a new window for that user

27 Things to be aware of Incognito Mode: mode/ Browsing in incognito mode only keeps Google Chrome from storing information about the websites you've visited. The websites you visit may still have records of your visit. Any files saved to your computer will still remain on your computer. For example, if you sign into your Google Account on while in incognito mode, your subsequent web searches are recorded in your Google Web History. In this case, to prevent your searches from being stored in your Google Account, you'll need to pause your Google Web History tracking. Click and Clean: Extension that clears browser history and more!

28 Useful Extensions

29 Interesting Web Apps

30 Thank You!

31 See you this fall!

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