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How to Install Malwarebytes Anti- Malware Software Khushbu Shah ENG 393 May 4 th, 2010.

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1 How to Install Malwarebytes Anti- Malware Software Khushbu Shah ENG 393 May 4 th, 2010

2 Introduction Malware is essentially software that gains access to a computer system without the permission of the owner. Malware can cause you to lose information, slows down your computer, causes your computer to crash, etc. This instruction manual explains the process of installing the Malwarebytes program, which is anti-malware software. This software is meant to rapidly remove malware from your computer with a low scan time. This software can scan multiple drives on your computer and also allow you to scan individual files as well. It installs quickly and is easy to use. The only equipment you need for this process is a computer and an internet connection. The Malwarebytes program runs, scans, and updates automatically; so you do not have to even touch the program. This software is meant for educated lay people in the office and home environment.

3 Step 1 – Go to the Website Make sure you have connection to the internet Open your web browser. In the URL address bar type in

4 Step 2 – Search for the Program In the search engine of type in “Malwarebytes”. Hit enter and scroll down to the first link that says “Malwarebytes”.

5 Step 3 – Locate Link to Download Click on the first link that says “Malwarebytes anti- malware”. Then click on the green box next to “Download Now”.

6 Step 4 – Save File Click on “save file” when prompted with a dialog box. (If you are not prompted for a dialog box, click on “click here” on the webpage where it says “Your download will begin in a moment if it doesn’t click here to try again.)

7 Step 5 – Open.exe File After the file is saved, go to your downloads dialog box and click on the mbam-setup-1.45.exe file. Click “run” when prompted to open.exe file.

8 Step 6 – Select a Language Select a language and click “ok” when prompted with the “Select Set up language” dialog box.

9 Step 7 – Start Set-up Process Click next at the Welcome screen select the “I accept the agreement option” and click next.

10 Step 8 -Continue with Set-up Process Click next at the “select start menu folder” screen Check or uncheck the option to create a desktop icon and click next. Click install.

11 Step 9 - Continue with Set-up Process (2) click next at the information screen click next at the “select location destination” screen

12 Step 10 - Finish Installation Keep both “Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware” and “Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware” options checked. Click finish.

13 Step 11 - Update and Launch Program Wait for Malwarebytes to download any updates and click ok. Wait for program to launch and select the “Perform full scan” option and click scan and click scan again to test the program. When scan is completed click exit and you’re done!

14 Conclusion Warranty Information: since this is a free application it is not covered under any warranty. Technical Support: since this is a free application there is no technical support except for what you can find on the web. If you were to purchase Malwarebytes then there is an email system set up with any questions on the company’s website:

15 1.Problem: A user is unable to open the Malwarebytes program. 2. Problem: A user cannot install the program. 1. Cause: A virus is preventing the program to open up. 2. Cause: An infection is preventing the program from installing. 1. Solution: try uninstalling and reinstalling the Malwarebytes program. -Or try running Malwarebytes in safe mode. 2. Solution: Change the setup executable file name to something like instead of mbam- setup.exe Troubleshooting

16 FAQs How do you register the Malwarebytes program? - Open the malwarebytes program, go to the protection tab and click the register button and then enter the ID and key that were given to you when you purchased the program How do you update the Malwarebytes program? - It should be set to automatically update when you install the program but if you open up the malwarebytes program click on update tab and click ‘check for updates’.

17 Questions?

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