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Office 365 - Introduction BERNARD DADY Bernard Dady.

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1 Office 365 - Introduction BERNARD DADY Bernard Dady

2 Contents Why Office 365? Log in to Office 365 The App Launcher – working on and off line Linking your account to installed versions of Office OneDrive Sites Skype for Business (Lync) Yammer E-mail & Calendars Settings

3 Log in to Office 365 Open your browser and go to https://login.microsoftonline.com 25/11/2014

4 Why use Office 365? 25/11/2014 Office 365 let’s you use your suite of Office apps on any device in any location. It allows you to communicate and collaborate with people in your organisation and beyond. It is a secure environment facilitated by Microsoft. As a Cloud based service it diminishes the need for on- site infrastructure and engineer support. It is managed locally through web based management console so you can customise it.

5 The App Launcher 25/11/2014 There are wide range of apps for Office 365. You see the apps in your service in the app launcher. You see this by clicking on the menu icon (top left). To open the page view click on the link My Apps. Access your settings by using the cog icon (top right). Click on the ‘tile’ to open an app. This will be an on-line service not the installed version on your PC. For example, click on PowerPoint to open the on-line version of this popular presentation software.

6 Using your account 25/11/2014 If using a version of Office installed on a device you can link this to your Office 365 account. Thus your off-line and on-line experience is integrated. Log in through the Account link. You find this under the File tab in any Office application e.g. Word

7 OneDrive 25/11/2014 When using Office on your computer you are given a choice of locations to which you can save work. You can add places. One Drive is your personal Cloud storage location. If you save here your work is available anywhere, anytime. To select another location click on Computer and select your chosen folder.

8 OneDrive On-Line 25/11/2014 When you access OneDrive on-line you see this view. Add documents and folders by clicking New. Upload documents from your PC using the Upload link. The three dots to the right of a document provide other options e.g. share, copy and paste. You can share a document with others. Documents shared with you appear in Shared with Me folder – this is on your left side menu.

9 Sites 25/11/2014 Sites is Microsoft SharePoint on-line. This is used by businesses to build Intranet sites and shared document libraries. You have a personal sites account and also a Team Site for your organisation. Your school, college or academy may decide to replace ‘shared drives on the network’ with use of Sites. If this is the case Gaia will help with set up and training.

10 Yammer 25/11/2014 Yammer is a social networking tool and gives you a facility similar to Facebook but just for your organisation

11 Skype - Lync 25/11/2014 Skype for Business (formerly Lync) is a telepresence, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing tool.

12 E-mail & Calendar 25/11/2014 In Office 365 you have access to Outlook on-line. You access your mail and calendars using this. As it is on- line you can log in on any device. There are also apps for mobile devices or you can add your Outlook account to your normal mail client and pick up mail that way.

13 Settings 25/11/2014 Click on the cog (top right) to alter your account settings. Here you can see the personal themes that you can choose. The Software link shows you which software you are entitled to download to you PC. This could include a version of Office and Skype for Business for your desktop.

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