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ITS Lunch & Learn November 13, 2015. What is Office 365? Office 365 is Microsoft’s software as a service offering. It includes hosted email and calendaring.

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1 ITS Lunch & Learn November 13, 2015

2 What is Office 365? Office 365 is Microsoft’s software as a service offering. It includes hosted email and calendaring through Exchange as well as Office Online apps, Office Mobile Apps, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Yammer. All staff have been migrated to Office 365. We are currently in the process of migrating faculty.

3 O365 Webmail: Logging In Access Office 365 Webmail at Use your full Penn Law email address ( as your username.

4 O365 Webmail: UI Changes Webmail now sports a simplified, cleaner UI to help you work more efficiently. The new action bar, available across Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks, provides quick access to the most common commands.

5 O365 Webmail: Accessing Folders By default, O365 Webmail will open in a simplified view that only displays your Inbox folder. To display your full folder list, click the More button in the left sidebar. When all of your folders are displayed, you can save this view by clicking the Pin icon in the sidebar.

6 O365 Webmail: Notifications The Outlook Web App includes a Notifications area that notifies you of new emails, upcoming calendar events, etc. To access notifications in OWA, click the Notifications icon in the top-right.

7 O365 Webmail: Setting Automatic Replies To set automatic replies, click on the Gear icon in the top- right and select Automatic replies. Automatic replies sync across your account, so those set in Outlook can be edited in Webmail and vice versa.

8 O365 Webmail: Email Signature Email signatures are not synced across your account, so a new one will have to be created for emails sent from Webmail. To create a signature, click the Settings icon in the top right, choose Options, and choose Email signature under Mail in the left sidebar.

9 O365 Webmail: Open a Shared Mailbox Shared mailboxes allow a specific group of people to monitor and send email from a public email alias. To open up a shared mailbox in Webmail, click your picture in the top-right corner and select Open another mailbox… Type in the name of the mailbox, click Open, and the mailbox will open in a new Webmail window.

10 O365 Webmail: Using the Calendar To access your calendar, click the App Launcher in the top-left and select Calendar. The Calendar in O365 Webmail works very similarly to the Calendar in Outlook 2013.

11 O365 Webmail: Opening Calendar Alongside Mail If you work with your calendar alongside your email in Outlook, you can also work this way in Webmail. To do this, click on the App Launcher, right- click Calendar, and select Open link in new window.

12 O365 Webmail: Opening Open a Shared Calendar Individual or group calendars can be shared with you through Outlook. Just like in Outlook, these calendars can be opened in your Webmail Calendar. To do this, right-click Other Calendars in the left sidebar, click Open Calendar, and enter the name of the calendar.

13 Outlook App: Overview Office 365 users have access to use the new Outlook app for iOS and Android. Microsoft’s Outlook app brings together the tools you need to manage your email, calendar, contacts and files. The Outlook app also connects to OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and Box.

14 Outlook App: Focused Inbox Focused Inbox is a new feature in the Outlook app that presorts your email into two categories: “Focused” and “Other”. Focused Inbox can be turned off in Settings under Mail.

15 O365 Webmail: Mobile Devices O365 Webmail can be accessed on mobile devices through your Web browser. Most features work the same as on a desktop or laptop, but some features are not included for simplicity. For the best mobile email experience, Microsoft recommends using the latest Outlook app for your device.

16 OneDrive for Business: Overview OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage application where you can store, sync, and share your work files. As part of Office 365, OneDrive for Business lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with others at the same time. OneDrive for Business can be accessed from the App Launcher in O365 Webmail.

17 OneDrive for Business: Uploading, Opening, and Editing You can upload file to your OneDrive for Business by dragging them from your computer or using the upload button. To open a file from OneDrive for Business on your computer, select the file, click the More button, and click Download. To quickly edit a file in your browser, click the file name and it will open in Office Online for you to edit.

18 OneDrive for Business: Sharing Files and Folders To share a file or folder in OneDrive for Business, select it and click the Share button. There are two methods for sharing: inviting specific people through OneDrive or copying a link that can be sent outside of OneDrive.

19 Office Online: Overview Office Online is Microsoft’s cloud-based office suite that allows you to access these programs from almost any device with an Internet connection. Office Online includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Office Online apps can be accessed through the App Launcher in Webmail or as iOS and Android apps.

20 Office Online: Mobile Apps Office 365 users are also able to download and use the Office apps on their iOS and Android devices. These apps can open, edit, and save files from OneDrive as well as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

21 Skype for Business: Logging in Skype for Business is the updated version of Lync for Office 365. Open from Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office 2013 > Skype for Business Sign in with your full Penn Law email address as the Sign-in address (

22 Skype for Business: Setting Your Picture You can synchronize your Law Directory photo with Skype for Business. To enable photo syncing, visit the Law Directory, click Update My Information, and select I wish to have my photograph viewable in Outlook/Skype for Business.

23 Skype for Business: Find a Contact In Skype for Business, your contacts are the other users in the Penn Law Community. To find a contact, simply type a person’s name into the search box. Each user’s presence status is indicated by the color next to their picture.

24 Skype for Business: Skype Directory In addition to communicating with other Penn Law users, Skype for Business allows you to communicate with other users in the Skype Directory. To do this, enter the username into the search box and click the Skype Directory tab.

25 Skype for Business: Instant Messaging Skype for Business instant messaging is an efficient way to connect with your contacts in real time. To send an instant message, hover over a contact’s picture and click the IM button.

26 Skype for Business: Audio & Video Calling Skype for Business enables you to make audio and video calls with your contacts. To start a call, hover over the contact’s picture and click the Audio or Video icon. Video calling requires a webcam. Please contact us if you would like to have one installed.

27 Skype for Business: Group Conversation Skype for Business also supports group chats and calls. To start a group chat or call, control+click each desired participant, right-click, and choose the desired communication type.

28 Skype for Business: Share Your Screen You can show your entire desktop or just a program to anyone in a Skype for Business Meeting, call, or instant messaging conversation. To share your screen, click on the Monitor icon at the bottom of the conversation window and choose what you would like to share.

29 Skype for Business: Schedule a Meeting Outlook or the Outlook Web App can be used to schedule an online Skype meeting the same way you schedule a regular meeting. To schedule a Skype meeting, open your Outlook calendar, click New Skype Meeting, and enter the meeting information. The Skype for Business meeting link is automatically added to the meeting request.

30 Skype for Business App Skype for Business users have access to use the new app for iOS and Android. The Skype for Business mobile app allows you to instant message and video call on the go.

31 Questions? ITS Online: Email, Calendar & MS OfficeEmail, Calendar & MS Office Microsoft – Microsoft Support Microsoft Support – Office 365 Training and Tutorials Office 365 Training and Tutorials Lynda – Up and Running with Office 365 Up and Running with Office 365 – Up and Running with Office for iPads and iPhones Up and Running with Office for iPads and iPhones We are here to help! – Email: – Phone: (215) 898-9140 –

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