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Microsoft 365 What it can do & What can we do with it?

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1 Microsoft 365 What it can do & What can we do with it?

2 This session Interface and functionality A collaborative activity Time to play

3 What is Microsoft 365 Office 365 is a new cloud-based service that brings together Office and software like SharePoint, Exchange and Lync for use in the workplace. Microsoft Office 365 lets you work from virtually anywhere and on almost any device. It combines the familiar Microsoft Office Web Apps with a new set of web-enabled tools.


5 Questions

6 Question Given we have these tools in what ways could/should our teaching practise change? Teacher directed learning…same method – different tools

7 How can we structure learning activities/content to truly develop 21 st century skills ? Question

8 Is the ‘weekly’ model relevant anymore? Question

9 Trialling – some suggestions… Use the trial as a chance to try new things/ways. Reflect on pedagogy and keep notes on what works, what doesn’t and why so that we can share. Communicate in the 365 ‘Class’ Join and share in the Facebook Office 365 group Also keep notes on functionality of the software.  Eg class list would be good

10 Lync – the vital (missing) link

11 Let’s look at it

12 Intranet News items Calendar of events Links and documents

13 Teacher Tools Home page Class page

14 Add a class

15 Add a student

16 Change Theme  Change background (choose one of theirs or upload your own)  Then another screen will appear.  Choose colours, layout and fonts.

17 Edit Page Edit Page to change layout Boxes appear around objects so you can click, drag and reorder.

18 Class Blog

19 New Document  Create a new file or folder  Or upload an existing file from your hard drive/USB etc

20 New Task To upload a document

21 Add a link

22 Add a page

23 Add a page Check it in and publish

24 Add content to a page Like Word. Can copy and paste.

25 Add content to a page Add videos, podcasts tables etc

26 Organise side menu Class page Page

27 Activity/Play time Collaborating on documents Create a class Add students Create a blog post Add a link Add a task Add a page and edit it


29 Belinda Jennings

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