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Agenda Whole group Discussion

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1 Agenda Whole group Discussion
Watch PPT and participate in class discussion Work in pairs and apply knowledge. Whole group closing activity.

2 Reports Keyboarding Larkin HS

3 KWL Chart (P1) What I KNOW What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED
It tells stories It is long It gives information about any topic Step by step Follow sequences Times/days Follow Structure Clean, organize, neat Pictures/drawings Index Cover The size of the margins How long it has to be Why is important What’s the topic What are the objectives Can we put pictures How does the cover has to be What is the structure How to make it interested How difficult is to make a report

4 KWL Chart (P4) What I KNOW What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED
Informacion de temas importantes incluye detalles, se pueden ocupar en el trabajo, en ingenieria. Es un resumen, sigue una organizacion y una estructura. De que se trata la actividad. Que programa se usa. Cual es el formato o estructura. Como hacer un reporte de ingenieria. Como hacer un reporte corto.

5 KWL Chart (P5) What I KNOW What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED
Un reporte es un resumen corto de alguna informacion Reportar algo robado, reporte del clima, las noticias Escribir informacion que conoces o as escrito. Se escribe con las propias palabras. Se basan de informacion de libros, estudios del libro. Cuales son las reglas especificas para escribir un reporte. Modo de organizacion de los reportes. Se debe incluir el nombre de quien lo escribio. Historia de los reportes. Para que pueden servir.

6 KWL Chart (P6) What I KNOW What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED
Information about something Information that you write about an specific topics Progress reports Tell what happened with details Report cards, police reports Margins Where to write the title Which information goes first In what ways can you use reports Do we use capital letters What is the organization

7 KWL Chart (P8) What I KNOW What I WANT to Know What I LEARNED
Reports can be a paper about the grades. Give information about an immigrant. Read police reports every day. Behavior report. Explanation about what your thinking. The Weather report. Report something or a person lost. How to start a book report on the computer. Do we have to do the same or change when you type it. What you going to write about. The measure of the margins. What are the types of a report. What is a format.

8 Report Title Subsequent Unbound Heading Reference Margin
Vocabulary Report Title Subsequent Unbound Heading Reference Margin Textual Citation

9 What is a Report? A report is a very formal document that is written for a variety of purposes, generally in the sciences, social sciences, engineering and business disciplines. Reports describe, analyze, and investigate a situation for a particular audience. They have a formal structure and common sub-sections.

10 Vocabulary Journal report On the objectives for the class
Word The place or sentence I found it is… I Think it means… It remains me of… The definition is… Some Synonyms (similar words) are… report On the objectives for the class Information or details Police report and progress reports

11 Characteristics Legal document in business. Accurate Precise
Difficult to misinterpret.

12 Types of Reports Research Reports. Technical Reports.
Proposal Reports. Financial Reports. Instruction manuals. Business Reports. Labs Reports.

13 Structure of a Report Flat Hierarchical General-specific
This involves organizing issues of relatively equal importance, or when there is no need to consider how issues appear in relation to other issues in terms of whether they are more or less important. Hierarchical This structure is organized around issues in order of rank or importance, with the most significant issue first. General-specific In this structural pattern, a general issue is divided into several specific issues.

14 Unbound Reports Unbound reports are typically short reports (either business or academic) prepared without binders or covers.  A multi-page unbound report may be held together by paper clip or staple on the upper left corner.

15 Format of an unbound Report
Standard Margins First Page Side margins (SM): 1” Top margin (TM): 2” Bottom margin (BM): At least 1” Page number: Not used Second and subsequent pages Top right on header

16 Format of an unbound Report
Headings and Subheadings Title or Main Heading Center in ALL CAPS. Bold over the Body. Side Heading Begin at left Margin. Capitalize the First Letter of all main words in the heading. Bold Side Headings Paragraph Headings Indent at o.5 inches of the left margins. Capitalize the First Letter of the first word only. Underline it Finish with a period (.)

17 Format of an unbound Report
Internal Spacing of Reports Between report title and first line of body QS (4 hard returns) Paragraphs DS (2 hard returns) Between side headings and following text DS Textual Citations References used to give credit for paraphrased or quoted material. Should be cited in parenthesis in the report body.

18 Format of an unbound Report
Reference Lists All references cited in a report are listed alphabetically by author surnames at the end of the report. On a separate page Under the heading REFERENCES. QS between the heading and the first reference. Margin: TM: 2” SM: 1” Lines: SS (single space) each reference. Font Style and Size Font Arial, times new roman or Calibri Title Use Bold and size 16” Headings Underline and size 14” Paragraphs Size 12”

19 What did you learn today? What is a Synonym of Unbound?
Think and Share What did you learn today? What is a Synonym of Unbound? In Which situation of your life can you apply this knowledge?

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