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4.05 Apply correct report format.

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1 4.05 Apply correct report format.

2 Title Pages A title page is the first page of a report. It gives:
the title of a report the name of the writer the name of the school or class and the date

3 Format a Title Page: Use single spacing
Center all lines of text horizontally Center the page vertically Set the top margin at 4 inches Type the report title in all caps and centered Press ENTER 3 and center the author’s name Then double space and key the school or class name Press ENTER 3 times and key the current date

4 Types of Reports Side Headings
Reports can be prepared with side headings Keyed at the left margin in all caps and bold DS before and after Paragraph Headings In initial caps and bold Followed by a period (also in bold) SS entire report

5 Report Margins Please modify you settings to reflect the proper margins 2” TM LEFT BOUND REPORT 1 LM 1

6 Left Align the body of the report.
Formatting Margins Side margins are 1”. Top margin is 2”. Bottom margin is 1”, although that may vary as page-break decisions are made. Title Center the title of the report in ALL CAPS for business reports. If the title has more than one line, double space between the main heading and the sub heading, WHALES (DS) Their Habitat (QS) Left Align the body of the report. Multiple Line Title

7 Formatting Continued Paragraphs Font
Standard size and style font i.e. Times New Roman—12point. Paragraphs SS the entire report DS between headings Side Headings should be keyed at the left margin, in initial caps.

8 Parts of the Report Title Report body Side heading 2” Top Margin
1” Left Margin 1” Right Margin 1” Bottom Margin

9 Alphabetical listing of sources
Bibliography Top Margin 2 inches List the sources of information you used in writing a report Alphabetize sources by author’s last name Sources are single-spaced and formatted with a hanging indent Leave a blank line between the sources If a page number is included, place it ½ inch from top of the page Title Left Margin 1 inch Right Margin 1 inch Alphabetical listing of sources Bottom Margin 1 inch

10 Bibliography—Notes to Remember
The bibliography is a listing of works you cited in the the report. Center the title, BIBLIOGRAPHY, in all caps, and leave a quadruple space between the title and the first entry. The first line of each entry should be aligned with the left margin. Continuation lines are indented 5 spaces from the left margin. (Hanging Indent) Separate the main parts of an entry with a period.

11 Bibliography—Notes to Remember Cont…
Single space entries; double space between entries. Alphabetize the entries according to the last name of the author. Underline or italicize book, magazine, and newspaper titles and place quotation marks around the titles of articles, poetry, or essays The bibliography page is at the end of the report.

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