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2 Two Basic Styles Business Reports Academic Reports

3 Business Report

4 To Format A Business Report
Single-space business reports. Use a 2” top margin. 1” side margins. Change the font size to 14 pt. and type the title in all-caps, centered, in bold. Single-space a 2-line title. DS after the title. Change the font to 12 pt. If the report includes a subtitle, byline, or date, type each item centered and in bold upper-and lowercase letters. Ds after each line in the heading block. Ds after paragraphs. Do not number the first page.

5 Reports with Side Headings
DS before and after each side heading. Type side headings at the left margin, in bold, and in all-caps.

6 Proofreaders’ Marks

7 Multipage Business Report
Do not number the first page. Insert a page number in the top right-hand corner of the page header of all continuing pages, and remove the page number from the first page.

8 Business Reports with Paragraph Headings
Type the headings at the left margin in bold and in upper-and lower-case letters. Follow the paragraph heading by a bold period and 1 space.

9 Business Reports with Lists
Enter twice before the list. Type the list unformatted (without the bullets or numbers) at the left margin. If all the items in the list are 1 line long, single-space the entire list. If any items in the list are multiline, single-space within each item in the list but double-space between items. Ds after the list. Select all lines of the list and apply the number or bullet feature to the selected lines of the list only. Decrease the indent to position the list at the left margin.

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