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Government of the People, by the People, for the People.

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2 Government of the People, by the People, for the People

3 Without government to make and enforce laws, we would live in a state of confusion, violence and fear. We would also struggle to meet our needs entirely on our own. Government makes it possible for people to live together peacefully and productively

4 There are 3 main functions of government Keeping Order and Providing Security Providing Public Services Guiding the Community

5 Governments make laws to help prevent conflicts and settle conflicts that arise. Governments have the power to enforce laws Court systems also determine whether or not people are innocent and decide punishment if found guilty. The government also defends citizens and their land from enemies. (The Armed Forces)

6 Governments provide many services They create libraries, schools, hospitals, p arks and recreation centers Develop systems of mass transit and supply water to homes. Build and repair streets, erect bridges, collect garbage and deliver mail Many services are aimed at keeping the public healthy and safe. Governments also give help to needy people

7 Governments formulate public policy. They must create a budget Develop relationships with neighbors and other outsiders. International trade, travel, and military pacts are all part of public policy

8 In the United States there are 3 levels of government. 1. National/Federal Government-Decides matters for the entire country. 2. State Government- decides matters for people within a particular state 3. Local Government- decides matters for people within a county city or town.

9 The concept of democracy was established more than 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece and Rome There are two types of democracies Direct Democracy Representative Democracy The United States is the oldest representative democracy in the world!

10 The power of the government comes from citizens Americans rule the government by acting through representatives. The purpose of the government is to make the United States a better place for those who live here.

11 All democracies have free, fair and competitive elections. All people have an equal opportunity to develop their talents Majority Rule

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