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Study of citizenship and government.

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1 Study of citizenship and government.
What is Civics? Study of citizenship and government.

2 What is a citizen? A member of a community with a government and laws.
Being a citizen means being a part of a country or community.

3 Purpose of Government Government – the power or authority that rules a country. Provides stability that makes many things we take for granted possible. A government makes laws , provides services, and keeps order.

4 The Need for Government
“Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Abraham Lincoln “Gettysburg Address” What does this mean?

5 Of the people – Government made up of citizens. By the people – We put them in office, we run the government through elected officials. For the people – Makes the U.S. a better place to live

6 Purposes of the Government 1. Make Laws 2
Purposes of the Government 1. Make Laws 2. Provides security/keeps order * armed forces, police forces, fire department

7 3. Plans/Budgets the future
4. Provides services * Healthcare, education, road construction. 5. Settle conflict in courts

8 Types of Government 1. Dictatorship – A government that one person or a small group of people controls.

9 Qualities of a Dictatorship
1. Citizens have no freedom 2. Have complete control over the laws and government. 3. Citizens are told where to live, what kind of work to do, what political beleifs to have. 4. Ex. Of a dictatorship?

10 Democracy – citizens hold the power to rule and to make laws.

11 Two types of democracy:
Direct Democracy – citizens would meet and vote on every issue. * used by ancient Athenians. * Athens was much smaller than the U.S.

12 Representative Democracy – the citizens reps
Representative Democracy – the citizens reps. carry on the work of the government. Citizens elect reps. to govern on their behalf. Is your student government similar to our national government?

13 Rank the following functions of government in order of importance.
1. Making laws 2. Enforcing laws 3. Providing services 4. Planning for future.

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