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Canada Permanent Resident Visa Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Canada Visa.

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1 Canada Permanent Resident Visa Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Canada Visa

2 The stunningly excellent Canadian region of Ontario is respected an exceptionally all around loved and supported migration hotspot of Canada. Larger parts of the vagrants to Canada move to Ontario for different purposes. Toronto-its capital city has the most noteworthy populace and is likewise the biggest city the country over having 5.3-in addition to million individuals on its dirts. It is the country's monetary city and next just to the New York City, for business purposes. Prepared and abroad workers discover it somewhat simple to chase for a well-paying employment in Toronto and/or Ontario. The territory is additionally home to the country's capital city, Ottawa.

3 Canada Visa Canada Ontario PR Canada Ontario PR is a permanent resident status given to those who are not Canadian citizens. Permanent residents belong to other country. People who stay in Canada temporarily are not permanent residents. Refugees can become a permanent resident only through government assisted refugee program or private sponsorship refugee program. Someone who makes refugee claim in Canada do not become permanent resident at that very point.

4 Canada Visa The Immigration and Refugee Boards needs to approve their claim and apply for permanent resident status. A PR card acts as a proof if you are a permanent resident of Canada. On leaving Canada, you need this card for re entering the country. The travelers, who do not carry PR card, need to get permanent resident travel document before returning to Canada and comply with the requirements of eTA. If you lose your PR card, you do not lose your permanent resident status.

5 Canada Visa Rights of permanent residents:- Get social benefits that Canadian citizens are entitled to like health care coverage, etc. Live, work and study at any place in Canada. Apply for Canadian citizenship Seek protection under Canadian law and Charter of rights and freedom Respect Canadian laws at all levels - federal, provincial and municipal

6 Canada Visa Restrictions on permanent residents: You are not allowed to vote or run a political office Holding jobs that need highest level of security clearance is not allowed. Time spent in Canada should be minimum two years in five-year period. If you live outside Canada for a longer time, you may lose your permanent resident status.

7 Canada Visa You will not lose your permanent resident status automatically if you are living outside Canada. You may lose your permanent residency status only if an adjudicator determines that you are no longer permanent resident. Of course, there are some other things in addition to this. Seek help of immigration consultants to get full detail. Source: articles/canada-ontario-pr-1489551.html articles/canada-ontario-pr-1489551.html

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