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Julien Tetrault Biography Quebec Investor Immigration Program.

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2 Julien Tetrault Biography Quebec Investor Immigration Program

3 Lawyer and president of JTH Lawyers Inc. Law School: University of Montreal (1999) DESS international commercial law: University of Montreal (2003) 2011-2014 Directors of the Quebec Lawyers Abroad (AHQ), and created the "Immigrant Investor Section" of AHQ. Represented over 1,000 applicants over 60 countries through QIIP


5 CONDITIONS: 1. Net assets of $1,600,000 CAD or more 2. Intention to settle in Quebec and commit a passive investment of $800,000 CAD for 5 years or walk-away option of $220,000. 3. Have at least 2 years of management experience over the past 5 years prior to filing

6 Eligible Assets (Minimum 1.600.000CAD required) Properties (market value), Company book value, Bank assets, Stocks, Life insurance redemption value, etc.

7 Management Experience Broad criteria related to the planning, management and effective control of budget and staff and/or equipments of a private or public, profit or non- profit enterprise The business managed does not need to be profitable under QIIP, nor does it need to have a minimum capital requirement or a large number of employees Professionals (doctors, lawyers) also eligible if management of minimum 2 full-time staff

8 Type of documents needed ID documents: passports, marriage, birth, etc. Proof of net worth: bank statements, title deeds (evaluation if needed), Memorandum + financial statements for company owners Legal accumulation of funds: reference letter for employees, audited financial statements for company owners

9 Document list Narrative established File completion & verification Canadian bank verification before submission Step 1 File preparation Between Aug 31 st, 2015 and January 29, 2016 Recurrent every Quebec financial year, with increased conditions Step 2 Quebec Submission Qc file processing: about 8- 12 months Interview with Quebec immigration or decision on file Step 3 QIIP interview If approval: 110 days for investment Transfer CAD220,000 or CAD800,000 to Investment Quebec Step 4 Quebec Decision Easy part: Obtain Certificate of Selection of Quebec (automatic after transfer of Step 4) Submit almost same file to Canada gvt Step 5 Federal application Federal gvt of Canada verifies: Medical exam Security check Step 6 Visa processing Landing within 1 year to become Permanent Resident of Canada! Step 7: Permanent Residency

10 Benefits Permanent Residency for applicant, spouse and children below 19 Same rights as other Canadians except mainly right to vote, and pathway to Citizenship after 4 years Free Universal health care system amongst the best in the world World class education, free until college and very affordable later on Saving of approx. $30,000 per year per child at university Quality of life, low crime rate, affordable housing, business opportunities

11 Why apply now? Quota limit is imposed: if you are late to have your file ready, you won’t have access to any quota hence may NOT be able to apply Your children future: give them the opportunity you would have want your parents to give to you QIIP keeps being more restrictive, more expensive, longer processing, and QIIP may be closed in next 1-3 years: lock-in your application now or risk never being able to do it Whether Canada is for you a Plan A or Plan B, no one can rely on only one passport if home country stability becomes an issue in years to come

12 Opening periodTotal Investor applications 2012: 5 weeks2700 2013: 2 weeks (lucky draw) 1750 (5000 sbmtd) 2014: 2 month 1400 (1000 for China) 2015 : August 31, 2015-January 29, 2016 1750 (1200 for China) Upcoming years??? QIIP applications submitted under quota system


14 lawyer & President JTH, Lawyers Inc. Call us, email us or come visit us at our following offices: Montreal (Quebec, Canada) – Lagos (Nigeria) Tel: 514-397-0995 l Cell: 514-516-0995 l Lagos Tel: +234 80 5544 4777 Email:

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