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Natural Resources.

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1 Natural Resources

2 Natural Resource Materials that are found in our environment that help humans are called Natural Resources.

3 What are Natural Resource
Water Soil Rocks Oxygen Plants Animals Minerals & Metals Oil Natural Gas Coal

4 Natural Resources Three types of resources are Renewable resources
Nonrenewable resources Inexhaustible resources

5 Benefit of Natural Resources
These are examples of things that are made from natural resources that help humans in their daily life.

6 Nonrenewable Resources
is a natural resource that cannot be re-made, re-grown or regenerated These are called fossil fuels that are made from dead plants and animals

7 Nonrenewable Resources

8 Renewable Resources Any natural resource that can replenish itself naturally over time Soil Plants Animals Carbon dioxide (air) Oxygen (air) Water

9 Renewable Resource

10 Conservation of Resources
Conservation is the careful use of resources

11 Inexhaustible Resources
An inexhaustible resource is a natural resource that will never run out Examples: tides, wind, and solar energy

12 Inexhaustible Resources

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