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Natural Resources.

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1 Natural Resources

2 Natural Resources Natural resources are anything we take from the earth and use. Examples or natural resources are oil, minerals, water, plants, animals, rocks and the air we breathe.

3 Three Different Kinds Natural resources can be categorized into three different groups – renewable, nonrenewable, and inexhaustible.

4 Conservation Some natural resources will eventually be used up so conservation of these resources is very important.

5 Renewable Resources Renewable resources are those that nature produces
again and again. Examples of renewable resources Include plants animals water oxygen and soil.

6 Cycle Many of these resources go through some sort of cycle and can be replaced in a lifetime. If used carefully, we will not run out of these resources.

7 Pollution These resources can be polluted air and water or contaminated soil. It is important for people to try to protect these resources from pollution and contamination.

8 Nonrenewable Resources
Nonrenewable resources are resources that cannot be replaced or take thousands to millions of years to form.

9 Examples Fossil fuels are materials that come from the decayed remains of dead plants and animals that are burned to produce energy. Oil, coal, and natural gas.

10 Minerals Silver Gold Diamonds And other gemstone.

11 Inexhaustible Resources
Are those that have an unlimited supply. They will not be used up.

12 Examples Wind Sunlight Ocean tides


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