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Natural Resources 5.11C Earth Picture Vocabulary.

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1 Natural Resources 5.11C Earth Picture Vocabulary

2 Natural Resources Earth materials that are useful and important to humans

3 Renewable Resource Resources that nature can provide again and again in a relatively short period of time

4 Nonrenewable Resource Resources that nature cannot replace quick enough to meet people’s needs

5 Inexhaustible Resource Resources that are never used up as they are being used

6 Fossil Fuels Fuels formed millions of years ago from the remains of dead plants and animals, including coal, oil, and natural gas

7 Hydropower The capture of energy from moving water for a useful purpose; an alternative energy source

8 Solar Energy The process of obtaining useful energy from the sun via solar panels

9 Windmill An engine powered by the wind designed to produce energy from an inexhaustible source

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