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Interacting with our environment

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1 Interacting with our environment
Chapter 5 Interacting with our environment

2 Natural resources Natural resources are useful materials found in the environment. – water, minerals, vegetation Some natural resources can be used just as they are found but most need to be changed before they are used. Natural resources that must be worked to be useful are called raw materials.

3 Renewable resources Renewable resources are resources that can be replaced. Some resources are replaced naturally. For example the water cycle. Other renewable resources are wind and solar energy. No matter how much we use, there will always be more.

4 Living Resources Living things that provide natural resources like plants and animals are renewable resources. These must be managed so that they are not overused. What is an example of a living resource that must be managed?

5 Nonrenewable resources
Nonrenewable resources cannot be replaced. Most nonliving things, such as metal ores, minerals, natural gas, and petroleum are nonrenewable resources. These resources will eventually run out and need to be used carefully.

6 Fossil fuel Fuels that are created over millions of years from the remains or prehistoric living things are coal, natural gas, and petroleum. What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?

7 A special resource: energy
Many natural resources are sources of energy. People use energy from fossil fuels, wind, sun, and water.

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