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7 th Grade Civics Miss Smith *pgs. 584-589 (22.1).

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1 7 th Grade Civics Miss Smith *pgs. 584-589 (22.1)

2  Foreign policy is the plan a country follows for interacting with other countries  The goals of U.S. foreign policy include:  Maintaining national security  Supporting democracy  Promoting world peace  Providing aid to people in need

3  The president makes recommendations to Congress about how the military should operate  The president can order the military into action, but only Congress can declare war

4  Peace treaties end wars  Alliance treaties are agreements between countries to help each other for defense, economic, scientific, and other reasons  Alliance- agreement in which two or more parties commit to help each other  Commercial treaties are economic agreements between two or more countries to trade with each other  Senate must approve all treaties

5  Mutual understanding between the leaders of two countries

6  Establishing official relations with a foreign government by sending and receiving each other’s ambassadors

7  Carries out U.S. foreign policy as set by the president  The secretary of state advises the president and supervises the activities of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, and consuls  Diplomatic corps- the secretary of state, ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and their assistants

8  Source of military information for the president  Joint Chiefs of Staff are the highest ranking military officers of the branches of the military

9  The main goals are to provide technical assistance and to promote cultural understanding between the U.S. and other nations

10  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) gathers info about world political trends and helps combat terrorism around the world  U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provides resources to people in need around the world

11 *Do NOT write  What happens if the Senate refuses to approve a treaty?  Why did Congress reject the Treaty of Versailles?

12  Both houses of Congress must approve all expenditures of public funds

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