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Defence Mechanisms a way to protect our ego.

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1 Defence Mechanisms a way to protect our ego

2 What are Defence Mechanisms?
DEFINITION: unconscious mental processes that distort reality in order to protect the ego against anxiety, shame, or other unacceptable feelings or thoughts Humans use defence mechanisms to deal with problems, anxiety, and self-esteem issues these processes allow our mind to hide/change a problem so that it won’t bother us in a conscious way we use defence mechanisms to varying extends

3 “I’m a lover, not a fighter”
Defence Mechanisms COMPENSATION Making up for a weakness in one area by excelling in another EXAMPLE: “I’m a lover, not a fighter”

4 Defence Mechanisms DAYDREAMING (aka. Escapism)
Fantasizing to escape reality EXAMPLE: Thinking about the “big dance,” rather than focussing on the exam tomorrow which is causing you anxiety

5 Denying that your physician’s diagnosis of cancer is correct.
Defence Mechanisms DENIAL Refusing to acknowledge EXAMPLE: Denying that your physician’s diagnosis of cancer is correct.

6 Slamming a door instead of hitting a person.
Defence Mechanisms DISPLACEMENT taking out impulses on a less threatening target EXAMPLE: Slamming a door instead of hitting a person.

7 Defence Mechanisms IDENTIFICATION Taking on the roles of others
EXAMPLE: A school girl wants her mother to buy her the same kind of shoes that her classmates are wearing.

8 Defence Mechanisms MINIMIZING
“Writing off” problematic events of behaviors as being too minor to worry about EXAMPLE: Someone who has a substance addiction response to criticisms by saying, “Oh its nothing; I only do it socially, and can quit whenever I want.”

9 Defence Mechanisms PROJECTION
Putting your own faults onto someone else EXAMPLE: Having hostile feelings about an acquaintance, but saying instead that, “He/She doesn’t like me.”

10 Defence Mechanisms RATIONALIZATION
Using an excuse to cope with bad behaviour EXAMPLE: Stating that you were fired because you didn’t kiss your boss, when the real reason was that you were showing up late.

11 Defence Mechanisms REACTION FORMATION
Taking the opposite belief because the true belief causes you anxiety EXAMPLE: A man violently dislikes an employee; without being aware of do so, he “bends over backwards” to not criticize the employee and gives him special privileges and advances.

12 Throwing a temper tantrum when you don’t get your way.
Defence Mechanisms REGRESSION Reverting to immature behaviour to express your emotions EXAMPLE: Throwing a temper tantrum when you don’t get your way.

13 Acting out on aggressive impulses by becoming a boxer.
Defence Mechanisms SUBLIMATION Acting out unacceptable impulses in a socially acceptable way EXAMPLE: Acting out on aggressive impulses by becoming a boxer.

14 What’s Our Defence Mechanism?
Your Task… What’s Our Defence Mechanism? In small groups of 3 – 5, you will be assigned one defence mechanism. Create a brief skit (2 – 3 mins.) that demonstrates your understanding of this mechanism. DO NOT TELL YOUR FELLOW CLASSMATES THE DEFENCE MECHANISM YOU ARE PRESENTING! It will be their job to guess after your presentation.

15 Your Task…continued Evaluation
For this task, you will be given a group mark out of 10 marks. This mark will be broken down as follows: Knowledge & Understanding/ 5 marks How well your skit demonstrates your understanding of your chosen defence mechanism. Communication / 5 marks Your dramatic presentation (eye contact, level of voice, length of presentation, etc.)

16 Which Defence Mechanism is it?
Kati didn’t get her way. She stomped up the steps, threw her stuffed animals around the room, and cried. Rob got a terrible report card. He became the best basketball player on his team. Kristin imagined herself scoring the winning goal in the state championship soccer game. Jarred was fired from his summer job because he was always late. He said it was his mom’s fault for not waking him up on time. Mrs. Smith’s husband died 3 months ago. She still sets his place at the dinner table.

17 Which Defence Mechanism is it?
Debbie feels guilty for stealing some jewellery. She shows the jewellery to her friends and brags about how she got it. Danny got into a lot of arguments, so he decided to join the debate team. Heather was furious with her sister, so she screamed at the family dog to get away from her. Denise likes a certain rock group so she dresses and talks like they do. Tony stole five packs of baseball cards at a card show. He figured it didn’t matter because the vendor had thousands of packs.

18 Individual Reflection
What is your defence mechanism? Think back over your life experiences. Have you ever caught yourself using one of Freud’s defence mechanisms? In a two (2) page, double-spaced reflection, discuss your thoughts about Freud’s idea of defence mechanisms and the mechanisms you have used throughout your life and experiences. Application = / 10 marks

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