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Telephone Checks Innovative, Flexible, and Convenient Payment Solution.

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1 Telephone Checks Innovative, Flexible, and Convenient Payment Solution

2  Increase efficiency  Increase profitability  Reduce banking fees  Improve accounts receivables  Improve collection  Automate accounting processes Business Challenges 1

3 EFT Network’s Telephone Checks

4 Payments Made Easier 3 Telephone Checks is an innovative, flexible, and convenient payment solution to improve your overall collections and payment efficiency.  Electronically debit your customer’s bank accounts for your recurring or one time billing, instantly over the phone  No more waiting for checks in the mail  Unique file identifier  Process transactions for multiple companies

5 Key Features  Complimentary use of our software without the need to purchase additional equipment  24/7 access to your account via our secure website  Seamlessly upload detailed paid data file to your accounts receivable system  User-friendly interface, requiring only internet access  Return transactions easily re-submitted for payment 4

6 Technology Behind Telephone Checks

7  SSL Secure Encryption  Virus Protection  Pentium, State of the Art, Technology  Secure Data Storage  Firewalls  User Friendly Interface Network Infrastructure 6

8 4 Easy Steps 7 Payment information is received by phone or fax, then entered into the Telephone Check System. 1. Data is transmitted to EFT Network’s Software for processing. 2.

9 8 EFT Network electronically debits funds from the consumers account and deposits funds into the Merchants bank account. Funds are available within 2 to 3 days, alleviating a trip to the bank. Consumers Bank Merchants Bank 3. 4 Easy Steps Upload files into your in-house accounts receivable system. 4.

10 EFT Network Software

11 Web Browser 10  Go to your browser and access the web-site.  Log onto  Select Customer Login on the left navigation

12 Customer Login 11  Enter your customer information all in uppercase letters. -File Code -User Name -Password  Select OK

13 Welcome Page 12  Here you can access: -Transaction cut-off times -Notification of results status -Customer Survey & Daily Messages  Select EFT System on the left hand screen to get started

14 Main Menu 13  The Main Menu supplies you with all options available in our Telephone Checks System  Select Enter Transactions to begin processing checks!

15 Data Entry Screen 14  In the Data Entry Screen, enter Routing #, Account #, Statement ID, Transaction Amount, and Data

16  No more checks in the mail – Get Paid Today  Electronic presentments are cleared before paper checks for faster payment processing  Reduce Bank transaction return fees  Receive faster advice of NSF returns in 3-5 days, versus 7,10, or 14 days in paper form  Ability to re-present returned NSF items two additional times electronically, as opposed to only one more time in paper form Benefits for, YOU 15

17 Telephone Checks provides:  Flexible, and convenient payments to improve your overall collections and payment efficiency  One time billing instantly over the phone  Unique file identifier  User-friendly interface, requiring only internet access Conclusion 16

18 17 EFT Network, Inc. is Committed to Providing Superior, Affordable, ACH and Check Processing Solutions

19 18 EFT Network, Inc. 245 Saw Mill River Road Hawthorne, NY 10532 Tel: 914.747.3222 Fax 914.747.7218 Contact: Alex Bacon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing E-mail: Getting Started

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