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Centralized Returns.

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1 Centralized Returns

2 Business Opportunity Centralized Returns Internet Access
Benefits guarantee companies, checks returned faster. As a sales tool for reselling As part of a front-end RCK System for potential clients. Eliminates low dollar clearing. Internet Access What there? What can I do with it? Today we will be discussing how to increase your profits by: Benefiting from Electronic Payment Methods Increasing your revenue potential Decreasing your cost

3 Business Challenges Returned Checks Fees
Increasing bank service fees for NSF checks Delayed NSF check notification Returned Checks Fees NSF fees are rising steadily at 4.5%, costing on average between $ $24.75 per check. Average time is 7-10 business days before you know that the check bounced. Versus 3-5 business days with Source: Bankrate Monitor Sept. 28, 2001

4 About Centralized Returns
What’s Needed Special endorsement stamp Instructs check writers and/or merchants bank to return all dishonored checks to a third bank. Our bank will provide check imaging and a MICR file the same day checks are received. Important Facts The merchant’s bank does not charge NSF Fees to the merchant for the bounced checks. Merchants can have access to check images and return reports on-line.

5 How Does Centralized Returns Work?….

6 Step by Step Merchant receives check at the register
Check is written to the merchant and it gets endorsed. Check gets endorsed with Centralized Return stamp Merchant deposits check to his bank for payment FOR ACH PROCESSING

7 Step by Step (cont.) Merchant bank sends the check to the check writer’s bank for payment Check is dishonored at the check writer’s bank. Check writers bank re-directs checks to Centralized Returns Bank. NSF

8 Step by Step (cont.) Checks are imaged & posted on the web.
Paper checks are then sent to collection agency Debits days worth of returned check from merchant account allows merchant or collection agency to view or download check images and MICR info.

9 Why Use Centralized Returns?
Benefits There is no training involved No expensive equipment necessary You can maintain your existing banking relationship Does not slow check-out lanes Save on NSF banking fees or re-depositing costs Clear returned checks faster Gain better control of your money Customer friendly Integrated RCK and Centralized Return System

10 Features Increase checking writing privileges for your customers.
Unique endorsement stamp for your store Increase checking writing privileges for your customers. View the returned checks on-line …no waiting in the mail for NSF check statements Guaranteed results.. No risks involved Concise reporting on-line in real time

11 Internet Accessibility
Access to all of your transactions What's Needed? Computer Account with Unique Password (provided by

12 Navigation System Main Menu Important Messages Navigation Menu

13 Main Menu Navigation User Manager – Add, Change or Delete a user name or password. Search Transactions – look up a specific transaction. List uploaded files – view uploaded files. Results – view settled files. Combine Re-submit system – re-submit multiple files at once, in a single file. Daily Returns – view returned transactions spanning all files received on a given day or date range. View uploaded files – view or re-print a file previously uploaded. Customer System – look-up information or transaction data that your customer has processed. Fax Report – reprint reversal reports or billing faxed to you. Routing Number – look-up ABA/ Routing Numbers by name or ABA number. Click to Enter Centralized Returns

14 Company Name and Number of Items Returned – Total number of returns
Daily Returns (Combined) – summary of daily returns within a given date Daily Returns (by Stamp) – summary of daily items returned by stamp number within a given date Search Centralized Returns – look-up for centralized return by account number and routing number View Images – check image feature for all returns Centralized Returns RCK (Combined) – entry to the RCK processing system within a given date Centralized Returns RCK (by Stamp) – entry to returned transactions spanning all files received on a given date by stamp number Centralized Returns RCK (by Stamp w/ Data Entry Mode) – entry to the RCK processing system within a given date by stamp with data entry Main Menu – return to the system main menu Left Hand Navigation This is a test customer

15 Daily Returns Combined
Summary of returns by day Click to view report and download report by stamp or Click to view images

16 Daily Returns by Stamp Summary by Day and Stamp
View and download report by Day/Stamp Number

17 View front and back of check image Confirm check amount and date
View Images Check Image Online View front and back of check image Verify check number Confirm check amount and date

18 Search Centralized Returns
Search for Return by: Routing Number Account Number Check Number Sequence Number Stamp Number Location Number Start Date End Date

19 Why Use Centralized Returns ?
Returns are in your hands the same day the bank receives the checks back. 3 to 5 days vs. 7 to 14 days via regular mail. Verification systems are updated sooner. Lower returns charges. No expensive software for you to buy. Accounting for returns made easier. Images are stored for you or your merchant and are available 24/7.

20, Where Good Things Happen to Bad Checks.

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