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Scan Checks Remotely Electronically Deposit and Clear YOU GET YOUR MONEY FASTER Your Location Bank.

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2 Scan Checks Remotely Electronically Deposit and Clear YOU GET YOUR MONEY FASTER Your Location Bank

3 Check received, opened, data entry and information uploads to the accounts receivables, customer, and other databases. Deposit prepared including counting the number of checks and adding the value of checks at least twice to ensure accuracy. Deposit is physically transported to bank for deposit. Consumer mails payment to you Up to 5 days for deposits, clearing, & settlement

4 Check received via mail or at a payment center Paper check and transaction data converted to electronic image Federal Reserve clears Processor compiles files and submits to Federal Reserve Money settled to existing depository account

5 Governed by complicated NACHA rules ACH network is batch oriented Slower money settlement Additional work needed to separate checks

6 ALL CHECK TYPES Business Corporate Government Consumer Cashier Travelers


8 Your enterprise application, or utility software Checks are scanned into the imager either individually, at the point of payment, or in bulk The scanner is connected via USB. The scanner creates TIF Images of the checks. Images are sent via secure connection over internet to secure server where images are analyzed to be certain that it is a legitimate and has the necessary attributes for successful image processing. Images sent to the Federal Reserve. Cleared funds settle to your existing bank account. High-speed Internet or LAN RDC Platform with Image Archive, Transaction Management, and Export Utilities Federal Reserve Bank Your Depository Bank

9 Locations

10 Volumes

11 Values

12 –In a POS environment, an authorization message is returned indicating the acceptance of the transaction within approximately three seconds – In a bulk processing environment the check images can processed individually or compiled into a batch which can be reviewed, edited, coded and submitted at your option

13 Fast Settlement for increased cash flow and improved credit rating Reduce transportation costs with fewer trips to the bank & reduced courier or mail fees Increased Productivity Save time processing checks, creating and making bank deposits, correcting errors, categorizing payments, applying payments to billing files or registers and maintaining detailed records and copies of payments. Extended deposit deadlines –Deposits up to 8:00 PM EST

14 Improved disaster recovery Permanent archive of check images Eliminate sorting, storing, or managing physical checks Consolidated bank accounts Reduce analysis, reconciliation, and management fees Streamline Operations Fast recording and accounting of receipts and payments Eliminate manual entries through unique Optical Character Recognition that instantly reads all hand written items on the check Verifies the account and account holder Quick capture of fraudulent checks

15 Accurate Electronic Cash Letters Clear image software (CAR/LAR) on server (not scanner) Ensures accuracy in files and cash letters Eliminate Manual Endorsements Endorsement automatically placed on the check image

16 Processing Platform Check 21 RDC Paper to Electronic ACH echecks direct debit Credit Cards

17 Processing Platform Mail or Lockbox Telephone Point of Sale WEB

18 Transaction Reports by day, batch, week, month, year, client, purpose or ledger category Select any transaction to see the images appended to that transaction and other transaction detail

19 Daily Transaction Report notifies Client of any Returned Items and displays total batch for the day Images and details become part of permanent archive Daily batch review

20 Easily create purposes and apply ledger account codes Payments can be coded by purpose, ledger account and more. Other data, notes, payer information and an accompanying image can be appended to the transaction and stored in the archive.


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